Statutory Bodies and Committees

Research Committee

The Research Committee is responsible to Senate for the development of strategies to assist the University in meeting its research objectives.

Secretary to the Committee: If you would like further information about the Research Committee, please contact Mark Pender, ext. 5398.

Committee members

Terms of office expire on 31st July in the year stated.

Professor J Knight Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) (Chair)
Mr M Williams Director of Finance
Dr J Hunt Director of Research and Innovation Services
Mrs K McKen Research Information Manager
Dr D Mattia Faculty of E&D Associate Dean (Research)
Dr I Walker Faculty of H&SS Associate Dean (Research)
Professor C Wilson Faculty of Science Associate Dean (Research)
Professor A Brown School of Management Associate Dean ( Research)
Ms K Robinson University Librarian
Up to six members with significant research expertise appointed by Senate:
Dr A Mackenzie Appointed by Senate
Professor B Kasprzyk-Hordern Appointed by Senate
Professor R Trask Appointed by Senate
Professor L P Cooke Appointed by Senate
Professor C Brace Appointed by Senate
Professor M Maclean Appointed by Senate
Mr G Maggs Director of Development & Alumni Relations  
In attendance:    
Dr R Griffith, Senior Policy & Planning Officer  
Mr M Pender, Secretary  
Ms K Jones, Head of Research Services, the Library  
Mr T Kaner, Director of Marketing and Communications  

Terms of Reference

Approved by Executive Committee 2003, revised by Senate 14th June 2006, 25th October 2006, 14th April 2010, 13th June 2012, 5th February 2014 and 16th November 2016.

1. To devise strategies to assist the University in meeting its research objectives as articulated in the University Strategy.

2. To identify and foster the means by which the University can meet emerging research opportunities, with the particular goal of increasing and maximising research income.

3. To monitor and review research performance across the University, ensuring congruence across university, faculty, school and departmental research strategies and plans, and to advise Senate and Council on the University's research strategy, priorities and performance.

4. To advise the Vice-Chancellor/Executive Committee on an appropriate strategy for the University submissions to the Research Excellence Framework and to oversee the arrangements for the preparation of these submissions.

5. To advise on the development of tools and processes to identify, document and enhance the impact of research conducted across the University.

6. To advise on the effective publication, dissemination and communication of research, internally and externally.

7. To monitor knowledge transfer and commercialisation activities as a means of informing research strategies and vice versa.

8. To receive annual reports from the Boards of Studies on any changes to Research Centres and appointments of Directors/Deputy Directors, and to report these changes to Council and Senate for noting.

9. To advise on any research matters referred to the committee by Executive or Senate.

10. To serve as the advisory body for the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research).

11. To advise on new initiatives and opportunities in the enterprise and innovation area.

12. To monitor and review activity in the enterprise and innovation area, including the Knowledge Exchange Strategy.

13. To oversee research integrity across the University, including monitoring compliance with the Concordat to Support Research Integrity.

Procedural Rules

Membership and Appointment of Chair: See above.
Co-option: See Senate Standing Orders 16(ii) and 16(iii).
Alternates: See Senate Standing Orders 17(iii) and (iv).
Quorum: One third of the membership (Senate Standing Order 16).
Rules for voting: None specified.
Minutes: Submitted to Senate.