Statutory Bodies and Committees

University Research Students Committee

The University Research Students Committee (URSC) oversees postgraduate research study provision offered by the University of Bath, from recruitment and admissions, through to supervision and support, skills development, liaison with Research Councils to final examination.

Committee Secretary: If you would like further information about the University Research Students Committee, please contact Catherine Harrison, ext 3373.

Committee members

Professor Jonathan Knight Chair, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) ex officio
Ms Aoibheann Brady
PGR Member of the Postgraduate Association Executive ex officio
Miss Chloe Page SU Education Officer ex officio
Mr Liam Emery SU Postgraduate Officer ex officio
Ms Hannah South Head of Academic Services, University Library ex officio
Dr Neil Bannister Postgraduate Skills Training Co-ordinator ex officio 


Associate Deans (Graduate Studies):

Professor Sue Wonnacot Science ex officio  
Dr Sally Clift Engineering and Design  ex officio
Dr Ed Keogh Humanities and Social Sciences ex officio  

 Director of Studies (Research) :

Dr Panos Desyllas School of Management ex officio

The following Officers routinely attend meetings of the Committee:

Mrs Caroline McMurray Quality Enhancement Officer - Doctoral Studies
Mr James Arthur Head of Student Records and Examination
Mrs Georgina Eggleston Head of Student Learning Experience and Quality
Mr Tim Stoneman Postgraduate Coordinator, Students' Union
Ms Charlie Slack SU Representation and Engagement Manager
Dr Anne Cameron Researcher Career Development Adviser


Terms of Reference

Approved by Senate 27th October 2010.

1. To be responsible to Senate for overall coordination of, and policy advice in relation to, postgraduate research study provision at institutional level.  The objectives are:

i. To develop, and periodically review, strategies for recruitment, admissions policy, monitoring of progress, completion rates and any other areas of postgraduate research provision that require  monitoring or enhancement in response to evolving internal or external requirements;

ii. to develop, for recommendation to the Learning, Teaching and Quality Committee (ULTQC), a framework of standards and monitoring procedures to support and promote the delivery of high quality postgraduate research provision across all disciplines, subject to periodic review of their effectiveness; to be responsible for overseeing and monitoring the implementation and effectiveness of these standards and procedures on behalf of ULTQC: URSC will report specifically and periodically to ULTQC on this;

iii. to develop, in conjunction with other University Committees as appropriate, policies specific to research postgraduate provision;

iv. to consider, in conjunction with other University Committees as appropriate, issues relating to the interface between postgraduate research and postgraduate taught provision;

v. to make recommendations to Senate in respect of University Regulations applying specifically to postgraduate research programmes;

vi. to promote the development of postgraduate research study in the University, including the provision of advice on resource allocation and informing institutional policy and other strategic decision-making;

vii. to develop, and periodically review, strategies for the enhancement of internal and external visibility and coherence of postgraduate research study;

viii. to develop, and periodically review, strategies for enhancing the academic, administrative and social integration of the research postgraduate community;

ix. to review and make recommendations on supervisory standards and good practice;

x. to oversee and monitor the provision of both comprehensive skills training courses and careers information and guidance for research postgraduate students;

xi. to review the effect of decisions made by the Learning, Teaching and Quality Committee, Faculty/School Research Student Committees on postgraduate research study provision, and to keep these bodies informed of the business of URSC.

2. To review and make recommendations on generic issues in relation to postgraduate research provision, based on periodic (statistical) reports from the Registry.

3. To proactively monitor changes in expectations or developing expectations of Research Councils and other sponsors, HEFCE and the QAA, and coordinate the University’s responses to these expectations.

4. To consider postgraduate research provision at the University of Bath in the light of provision at comparable institutions with a view to enhancing practice and provision at Bath.

Procedural Rules

Appointment of Chair: Deputy Vice-Chancellor or a Pro-Vice-Chancellor nominated by the Vice-Chancellor.
Membership: Senate Paper S06/07-14 (25th October 2006).
Co-option: See Senate Standing Orders 16(ii) and 16(iii).
Alternates: See Senate Standing Orders 17(iii) and (iv).
Quorum: One third of the membership (Senate Standing Order 16).
Rules for voting: None specified.
Minutes: Submitted to Senate.
Minutes from the URSC will be forwarded to the Learning, Teaching and Quality Committee and vice versa, as a matter of course.
Minutes from the URSC will be forwarded to the Research Committee and vice versa, as a matter of course.

Other: Minutes from Faculty/School Faculty Research Student Committees or their equivalent, will be forwarded to the URSC and vice versa, as a matter of course.
Notes of meetings of the Postgraduate Directors of Studies (Postgraduate) Forum will also be forwarded to the URSC and vice versa, as a matter of course.