Statutory Bodies and Committees


Further to the notice calling for nominations for the four vacancies for staff representatives to serve on both the Equality and Diversity Committee and the Health and Safety Committee from 1 August 2018 until 31 July 2021, the following have been elected:

Equality and Diversity Committee

Ms Natalie May - Elected Unopposed - MSA (Management Specialist and Administration)

The vacancy for a member of the Education and Research job family has been contested and will go to election. Dr Leda Blackwood and Dr Salvador Eslava are standing; further information on the election will be circulated to members of the E&R job family.

There remains vacancies for a representative from each of the following job families: Technical and Experimental and Operational and Facilities Support.

Health and Safety Committee

Dr Mareike Posner - Elected Unopposed - ER (Education and Research)

Ms Melanie Torrence - Elected Unopposed - MSA (Management Specialist and Administration)

Dr Brigite Rodrigues - Elected Unopposed - TE (Technical and Experimental)

There remains a vacancy for a representative of the Operational and Facilities Support job family.

The period for nominations for the two vacancies on Equality and Diversity Committee and the vacancy on the Health and Safety Committee has been extended to Friday 8 June at noon.

Please use these forms for your nominations:

Note: the nominee, the proposer and the seconder must all be members of the relevant job family. A person nominated will be elected unopposed if no other nominations are received for the vacancy and if more than one nomination is received for any vacancy an election will be held.

We would urge you to consider standing for a place on these Committees whose work is essential to the business of the University. Please do discuss with colleagues these opportunities to promote equality of opportunity and support health, safety and wellbeing across the University. These Committees will be much more effective if they have a full complement of members who contribute to the discussion of their business.

Please do not hesitate to  contact Dr Caroline Harris, (extension 4141 - Tuesday to Thursday) about the Equality and Diversity Committee or Ms Sue Stove, (extension 6080) about the Health and Safety Committee.

Further information:

Equality and Diversity Committee

The Equality and Diversity Committee is responsible to Council and Senate for the promotion of equality of opportunity across the University. It engages with a wide range of equality and diversity issues affecting both staff and students. Its role is to raise awareness of equality and diversity issues and to develop, evaluate and review University policies, procedures and action plans relating to equality and diversity. The committee meets four times a year (usually Thursday afternoons); the dates for 2018/19 are 8 November, 14 February, 11 April and 13 June.

Health and Safety Committee

The Health and Safety Committee reports to the University's Executive Committee. Its role is to be assured that a suitable and sufficient health and safety management system is in place for the protection and prevention of all those who may be affected by the University's activities. This includes monitoring performance in respect of health, safety and wellbeing; considering, and taking action as appropriate on, reports from staff representatives; and approving Health and Safety policies, standards and guidance where these do not require the approval of the Executive Committee. The Committee meets four times a year (usually Tuesday lunchtime); the dates for 2018/19 are 18 September, 18 December, 12 March and 11 June.

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