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Data Protection Statement for Student Registration

Understanding Data Protection

While you are a student at the University of Bath and after you cease to be a student, the University needs to collect, store, use and disclose certain data about you for purposes connected with your studies, including providing services to applicants, current students and alumni.

By registering at the University of Bath as a student, you consent to the University collecting, storing, using and disclosing data about you for any purposes connected with your studies, your health and safety and for other legitimate reasons while you are a student, and also for certain purposes after you cease to be student, and as detailed in this document.

When we process data about you, we have to observe the requirements of the Data Protection Act. The Act establishes a framework within which information about individuals can be legally collected, stored, used and disclosed. This statement is designed to highlight the areas of Data Protection which are particularly relevant to students, and to help students understand how information about them will be collected, stored, used and disclosed. It applies to all students regardless of age, so if you are under 18, you will be treated in the same way as students who are over 18 for Data Protection purposes.


Understanding what information the University will store about its students

The University of Bath will collect data about you in the course of our dealings with you as a future, current or former student: for example, when you apply, when you register and as you progress through your course. We may also receive data about you from outside the University, such as information from UCAS relating to applications, and information supplied by referees. If you are a current or former student, examples of the data which the University may hold about you include:


How the data will be used

The University will only use your data fairly and lawfully in accordance with our obligations under the Data Protection Act. This means that we will process your data in a way which respects the Data Protection Principles set down in the Act and your rights under the Act.

The Data Protection Act requires us to keep your data secure. This means that your confidentiality will be respected, and all appropriate measures will be taken to prevent unauthorised disclosure.

Although it is not possible to state every purpose for which your information will be used, the following are examples of how it is likely to be used while you are a student:

Much of this data will be held in written (paper or electronic) form. However, the University also takes photographs on campus and during events and may record lectures, seminars, tutorials, presentations and other events. The student data captured or held may therefore include visual images of students and audio recordings of their voices. As the University may record lectures and other events, such as presentations delivered by its staff or students, such recordings will include words spoken by students or performances given by them. You are also giving us permission to record any words that you may speak or performances that you may give in lectures, presentations or other events which are recorded and also consent to us making any such recordings available to other students in accordance with our Intellectual Property Policy.


Sharing the data

The University of Bath will only disclose information about you in accordance with your consent as detailed in this document, or where disclosure without your consent is required or permitted by law. This section outlines the major organisations and the most common circumstances in which we disclose data about students.

Student Union and Alumni

We will supply relevant data to the Students' Union, and in due course to the University's Department of Development & Alumni Relations to form part of the Alumni database. If you later change your mind and do not want to be a member of the Students' Union or to be on the Alumni database, or you wish to specify your preferences for communication from these offices, you can contact them by following the information here:

Students' Union - http://www.bath.ac.uk/university-secretary/guidance-policies/codeofpracticebusu.html

Department of Development & Alumni Relations - alumni@bath.ac.uk

Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA)

The University is required to send some of the information which we collect about students to HESA, where it forms part of the student's HESA record.
If your data is supplied to HESA, HESA may then pass all or some of the data to various government departments and agencies to enable them to carry out their statutory functions. These bodies and HESA will mainly use your data to produce anonymised statistics. HESA and the recipients of HESA data are also bound by the Data Protection Act to process your data fairly and lawfully.

National Students Survey (NSS)

The NSS is an annual survey of undergraduate students who are in the final stages of their programmes of study. It is designed to gather students' views on the quality of the teaching, assessment and support which they have experienced. This information is used to produce statistics and provide summary feedback to individual institutions and student unions. The survey has been commissioned by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) in association with other funding councils.

If you are eligible for the NSS, the University will pass your contact details to HEFCE or the organisation which has been contracted by HEFCE to carry out the survey, who may contact you to invite you to participate in the survey.

Sponsors and funding bodies

The University may disclose student information to the Student Loans Company, Student Finance England and any other financial sponsor (including your Embassy if relevant) to enable financial matters including the clarification of fee status to be determined. Disclosure to such organisations and/or sponsors will only be made where there is a legitimate reason for so doing.

In other cases, the University will not release data about you to bodies or individuals who have funded your education (such as your parents or employer), unless you tell us that we can do so. However, if you are under 18 years of age you consent to the University advising your parents as to the amount and nature of any debts you owe to the University from time to time.

Study abroad

If your course involves spending a period of time at an institution outside the University, or you have come to the University as a visiting, exchange or junior year abroad student, we may need to share information about you with the other institutions involved in the exchange (within or outside the European Economic Area). This will be done for the administration of the visit, exchange or study abroad, and so that the other institution can carry out its duties in regard to your studies. If you are involved in a visit, exchange or study abroad, you consent to the University transferring data about you as necessary for purposes connected with your studies.

References and confirmation of qualifications

The University may release data about you in response to a request for a reference or for confirmation of your qualifications. The details of your award (e.g., degree subject and classification) are regarded as public information and will be published on open pass lists and accessible by third parties such as newspapers and prospective employers.

UK Visas and Immigration

This section applies to students who require a visa to enter the UK to study at the University.

To assist in preventing immigration fraud, the University is required to report to UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) details of students subject to immigration control who fail to register, who discontinue their studies or who fail to maintain contact with the University. We may also be required to provide UKVI with other information about students. From time to time, the University also receives enquiries from UK immigration officials regarding the status of applicants or students, e.g. to check whether an offer of a place has been made or whether a student has enrolled.

The University will normally provide information about applicants and students when requested to do so by UK immigration officials. Failure to do so, in some cases, could lead to the University's removal from the list of institutions approved to receive overseas students. We will maintain the records about students (e.g. attendance) which we are required to maintain to meet UKVI's requirements.

Other disclosures

Examples of some of the other situations in which we may disclose information about you include:


Understanding your responsibilities

The University will make every reasonable effort to keep your details up to date. However, it is your responsibility to provide us with accurate information about yourself when you apply and when you register, and to let us know of any subsequent changes to your details, such as changes to your name or address.


Understanding your rights

You have a number of rights under the Data Protection Act in respect of the information which the University of Bath holds about you, and how we can use that information. These include:


Obtaining advice or further information

For all other concerns about how we process your data, please contact Data Protection: dataprotection-queries@lists.bath.ac.uk

Or consult the University’s Data Protection Act guidance. Links to useful advice from other organisations are as follows:

HESA Data Protection Guidance - https://www.hesa.ac.uk/about/regulation/data-protection/notices

Research Councils Data Protection Guidance

UK Visas and Immigration