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General Information

The rules and procedures for examination candidates are set out in the University Regulations and in one of the Quality Assurance statements, which are found at and QA28

University Rule 2, which covers the Conduct of Examinations, is at
If you have any queries not covered by this page, please contact the Examinations Office (
In particular, please make sure you have read University Rule 2.

In Addition we would recommend you read these guidance notes, which is covered in the training session and negates the need to attend the training session.Top of page


The role of the Examinations Office during the Assessment Period

The Examinations Office will act as the distribution point for the examination papers. It is staffed throughout the assessment period. Any invigilation queries should be directed to or to 6205 or 5707

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Examination/Invigilation timetables

The dates of the University's formal assessment periods are found on the academic year charts. You will be given an invigilation timetable 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the assessment period. This will be delivered to your Department through the internal post. Please check it carefully upon reciept.

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Start times of examinations

Most two-hour examinations start at 09:30, 13:00, or 16:30.The Chief Invigilator must collect the exam papers 30 minutes before the start of the examination and take them straight to the venue. The Assistant Invigilator must be at the Examination Venue 20 minutes before the Examination starts. Further Information is available in paragraphs 24 and 25 of University Rule 2.

We would recommend that invigilators allow students into the venue with sufficent time for students to locate their seats and prepare for the start of the exam. In some cases such as the Founders' Hall this may take up to 20 minutes.

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Locations of examinations

Please check your locations carefully on your personal invigilation timetable. Examinations are often split across several locations. Please note that there is often more than one exam in each venue.

The main locations used for examinations at the main University Campus (Claverton Down) are:

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Use of University Calculators

Where the rubric for an examination permits the use of a University Calculator, Calculators will be available in the venue.
In all cases where the use of University Calculators is required, candidates supplied with them will be required to quote the calculator number on each cover page of their script. Failure to quote the number and/or return the calculator supplied may result in disciplinary action which may include the imposition of a fine.
Where candidates are permitted to use their own calculator, your Department will have made arrangements for approving calculators. Candidates calculators should be marked to show that approval has been given for its use in examinations. Invigilators will check for the presence of this marker to ascertain that approval has been given.
Further information is available in University Rule 2, paragraphs 38 - 41.

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Library Cards

All students are required to bring their Library Cards to all examinations, and to display them on their desks throughout the examination. More details about this are available in University Rule 2, paragraphs 31, 34 and 35.

If students do not have their library card with them they can show their passport or driving licence and an Identity Verification form does not need to be completed.

If a student does not have a suitable form of identification with them they will need to complete an Identity Verification form with the invigilator.

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Use of a dictionary

A couple of English (only) dictionaries will be present in each examination venue and provided to students upon request during the examination (unless restricted in the material requirements section of the invigilation notice).

A student should request to use a dictionary by raising their hand and alerting the invigilator. This should then be collected in should others make a similar request.

Also see University Rule 2, paragraph 42.

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