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University Calculators


Each University examination must have a stated calculator status, which is one of the following three, mutually exclusive categories, in accordance with paragraph 13 of University Rule 2:

The model of University Calculator is the Casio FX-85ES.

The following link will take you to a pdf of the calculator instructions.

Opportunities to try out the calculators Top of page

Students (and staff) wishing to familiarise themselves with the model may borrow one briefly from the Library Issue Desk.

Instruction manuals are available for consultation when trying out these models.

Use of own calculators Top of page

Students should not arrive at an examination venue and request to borrow a calculator for an examination whose rubric permits the use of own calculators.

Procedures for invigilators Top of page

The Chief Invigilator will be notified in advance of the calculator status of each examination. This information is contained in the Invigilation Notices sent out to all invigilators, by the SREO, via the internal mail.

In cases where the examination requires the use of University Calculators:

In all cases where the use of University Calculators is required, candidates supplied with them will be required to quote the calculator number on each cover page of their script. Failure to quote the number and/or return the calculator supplied may result in disciplinary action which may include the imposition of a fine.

After an examination which requires the use of University Calculators:


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