Student Records Office

Research Postgraduate Ombudsman

Occasionally, problems are encountered by postgraduates in connection with supervision or other issues. Such problems can usually be resolved at Department/School level either by consultation with the Director of Postgraduate Studies or the Head of Department/School. However, for cases where this appears to be ineffective or where the student considers this route inappropriate or inadvisable the Research Postgraduate Ombudsman or Deputy Research Postgraduate Ombudsman should be contacted. Consultations are treated in strict confidence and staff from the Department/School in question are only contacted at the request of the research student.

We hope that you will not encounter any supervision problems or other difficulties during your time at Bath, but we will endeavour to resolve any problems which you care to draw to our attention.

Michael Threadgill - Ext 6840 or email

Marcelle McManus - 4E3.14; tel 01225 383877; email