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Student Transcripts


The transcript is the document that records in detail the academic attainment of each student studying a taught degree/award.

All taught students will receive a transcript when they receive their certificate. The transcript shows unit results for all years of study and award details.

Students who come to the University of Bath as an exchange/visiting student will have their transcripts issued to them by the Mobility Office. See the Related links for further information. Any transcript queries for this group of students should be referred to the Mobility Office (email) .

At the end of each academic year, continuing students will be able to view their results via SAMIS. In addition, students can generate a "self-service" transcript in pdf format, which shows individual unit marks. Students can also generate a "self-service" Record of Assessment in pdf format which will show both the unit results and the results for each individual assessment item. Departments/School of Management will not produce hard copy transcripts as part of the feedback process. QA16 "Assessment, Marking and Feedback "(pdf) describes what information students can expect to receive and when.

Obtaining a transcript

Students completing their degree will receive a transcript on the day of their graduation ceremony, or it will be sent to them with their certificate if they are unable to attend.

For those students who receive an award which means that they would not attend a graduation ceremony, e.g. postgraduate diploma, postgraduate certificate, diploma of higher education or certificate of higher education, they will have their transcript posted to them with their certificate.

Finalists may also use the "self-service" transcript and "self-service" record of assessment functionality on SAMIS, if they wish to obtain a record of their results before the award ceremony.

Non-finalist students
Students who wish to have a hard copy of their interim results should log on to SAMIS and generate a "self-service" transcript as a pdf and/or a "self-service" record of assessment as a pdf

Duplicate Transcripts
ALL students (i.e. those who are about to graduate, past students and students who have left the University without an award) requiring duplicate or multiple copies of their transcripts should make their request by email (transcripts@bath.ac.uk). The following information MUST be provided in the email, along with a scan of either passport/driving licence (photo ID) for identification purposes:


If you are an employer or other party seeking a reference or verification of a certificate or transcript, please see http://www.bath.ac.uk/student-records/examinations/verification.html for further information.

Transcript Template

The transcript template is a Business Objects/Webi report which can be downloaded by staff who have the necessary authority to do so. Email sreo-samis@bath.ac.uk for further details, or assistance.

Senate approved changes to the provision and production of transcript, with effect from May 2016. Students will receive a transcript at the completion of their studies. Students/graduates may request a Record of Assessment, if this is required by emailing transcripts@bath.ac.uk. The University will provide students with the ability to generate from SAMIS, their own "self-service" transcripts and records of assessment, appropriately labelled. For examples of how these documents will look please see the Related links section.

What will be shown on a transcript?

What will be shown on a record of assessment?

What will be shown on the "self-service" transcript and "self-service" record of assessment?


If you have any questions about the format of the transcript please contact us transcripts@bath.ac.uk.