Find out what you want

There are many ways to start the process of choosing a career and a lot will depend on what you already know and the previous experiences you have had. The best way to start is to find out what you want from your work and to start to look at some jobs which you think might be of interest. If you have a few ideas of jobs that interest you then take some time to find out more about what they involve. The Choosing a career leaflet will help you, and you can also keep an eye on our blog for relevant articles.

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Understanding more about yourself is central to careers planning. Considering your skills, interests, personality and values will help you to make choices, identify areas for development and sell yourself. Start with the Choosing a career leaflet above and the online guidance tools. You will find a variety of tools and approaches to choose from.

Your degree... what next?

In addition to the resources listed above these web pages may be helpful:

Using your subject or not

Some students find using their subject a useful starting point to generate career ideas - see Information for your subject if this appeals to you. For others, their subject is something that that they want to disregard or avoid. Our leaflet Don’t want to use your subject? addresses issues for the latter group.

For those who want some inspiration of where their subject might lead them the following resources will be helpful:

Taking a gap year

Employers can be impressed by a gap year so make sure that you make it count. For advice and ideas read our leaflet which you can download via the page linked to above.

Considering further study

We have a section of our website dedicated to this. In particular you should read the section Why do postgraduate study?

Self-employment, enterprise and entrepreneurship

More graduates than before are setting up their own business after university or during their studies. If you’re considering being one of them, this page has lots of useful information and links to sources of advice and support both inside and outside the University.

Changing your course

Have a look at our page on Changing or leaving your course (Bath only).