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Team Focus Personal and Careers Development Reports

Provided with support from the Alumni Fund.

These assessments will help you gain an understanding of yourself. This can help you with career development and choices but also development in other areas such as study skills and relationships.

Type Dynamics Indicator

The Type Dynamics Indicator (TDI) helps you to understand more about your personality. This is useful in recognising situations and behaviours you are more comfortable with and therefore it may influence your career planning. In any case it will help you to understand differences between people and to identify where it may be advantageous to adjust your behaviour in certain circumstances.

Learning Styles Indicator (LSI)

Learning Styles Indicator (LSI) will help you to understand why some learning environments may be more difficult for you and to think about how you can maximise your learning.

Values-based Indicator of Motivation (VbIM)

Values-based Indicator of Motivation (VbIM) will help you to establish what you are most likely to value from your work and employers and to appreciate how values influence who you want to become.

View sample reports and complete the assessments. (Bath only)

Prospects Career Planner

This is a web-based self-assessment tool which can help you:

  • Identify what you want out of a job; generate new job ideas and check out your existing ones.
  • Find out what motivates you in a job; identify your skills and what you can offer to the job/employer.
  • See how these match the jobs you are considering.
  • Research your chosen jobs in more detail, compare your options and decide on the right choices for you.

Initially you should anticipate spending at least an hour with Prospects Career Planner.  You can use it as a basis for a discussion with a Careers Adviser who will help you interpret your results.

Skills for Study and Bath Award

Use these to find out how you can develop some career-relevant skills during your time at Bath that will make you more employable.

The Skills for Study area has material on a range of topics such as:

  • group work
  • information skills
  • mathermatics and statistics
  • PDP (Personal Development Planning)
  • time management
  • verbal communication
  • writing skills.

The Bath Award recognises and accredits the skills and achievements of students engaged in all types of extra-curricular activities. It operates alongside your degree programme and aims to capture the benefits you have gained from all aspects of your university life that you will find valuable in your future life and career.