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How to submit

Please submit your vacancies via Recruit@Bath. You will need to register if you haven't used the system before.

(Recruitment intermediaries please email to receive our recruitment intermediary submission form instead.)

For full details of what we do, please read our vacancy handling procedure.

On this page:

What we advertise

We advertise your opportunities online through our Recruit@Bath system all year round. We advertise graduate positions, internships, vacation and other work experience, volunteering and funded postgraduate study. The table below gives details about each type of opportunity.

There is no charge for a basic advert, and a link to your website is automatically included.

There are additional options for extra advertising or sponsorship.

If you are attending an on-campus fair, your vacancies are also listed in the fair programme.

Student emailing is available. We can email students en bloc by discipline and year group - please contact our Employer Services Team on 01225 385276 or email There is a charge for this service.

Details about each type of opportunity:

Type of opportunity Description
For after graduation For final year/Masters students (i.e. students who will be graduating in the summer)
For graduates (jobs for immediate start)
For PhD students (for students finishing their PhD)
For postdoctoral researchers (for researchers with postdoctoral experience)
Work experience plus Internships, vacation and other work experience (including volunteering)
Sandwich placements
Employer open days, courses, competitions and undergraduate sponsorship
Postgraduate funding Funding for postgraduate study

Internship vacancies

We require all internship roles to comply with National Minimum Wage legislation and for the employer to specify the duration of the internship.

We recommend that advertisements for internship vacancies should follow the Common Best Practice Code for High-Quality Internships produced by the Gateways to the Professions Collaborative Forum.

Do you require a convention de stage?

A convention de stage is a type of contract between an employer, a student and a university. They are required in France and common practice in some other European countries for many types of temporary vocational work experience. These documents must be signed by all three parties and are a formal contractual agreement, stating the responsibilities of each party. They are therefore more than just proof of student status.

If your vacancy is for a sandwich placement (a placement which is a formal part of the degree programme), this is straightforward and the required agreements are arranged through placements staff in the academic departments.

For other types of work (including vacation placements and temporary graduate roles) the situation is problematic because British universities are not legally responsible for their students during vacation times, nor for their graduates. In lieu of a convention de stage, we are aware that some employers (not in France) may accept proof of their student/graduate status providing that the student/graduate also takes out personal insurance cover. So you may wish to consider this possibility.

When you submit your vacancy for advertising through MyFuture, please make it very clear in the text if you require a convention de stage (or any other similar arrangement). This means we can ensure the vacancy is classified to appear in searches correctly, and avoids disappointment for candidates and yourselves. We always require clarity about your requirements in your vacancy text. If we need clarification we will query this before publication. We will not advertise vacancies requiring a convention de stage where we know that our students and graduates will be unable to comply.

Gap year vacancies

Gap year vacancies are only advertised in our Directory of charities, volunteering and gap year opportunities. These include:

  • Fee-based volunteer programmes (UK and overseas)
  • Fee-based internship programmes 
  • TEFL programmes 
  • Other work & travel schemes (summer camps, expeditions etc.)

Please note that the directory is published approximately every 6 months so your data may not be available to students until the next publication date.

To advertise this type of vacancy please send details to us by email.

Pharmacy, social work and MBA vacancies

These are handled by the department concerned:

Please note that as a PGCE course is no longer available at Bath, there are no mechanisms for advertising NQT vacancies to newly qualified teachers.

Part-time term-time vacancies

These are handled by Jobs, the Students' Union's jobshop.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs)

Due to the volume of opportunities, we only advertise individual KTPs arranged through the University of Bath. We direct students and graduates to the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships website for the full range of opportunities.

Recruiting international students

Read our Student Immigration Service postcard on recruiting international graduates for internships.

The Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS) has published a downloadable guide for recruiting international graduates: Recruiting international graduates - a guide for employers