Vacancy handling procedure

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What we do

We advertise vacancies which in our opinion are relevant to Bath students’ and recent graduates’ aspirations and interests. We reserve the right to be selective.

We edit vacancy submissions to fit a standard format.

We advertise until the closing date has passed. If you don't give us a closing date, we will post advertisements as detailed in the table below, with the appropriate default closing date. Advertising may be extended or repeated at our discretion.

Type of opportunity Advertising period
Forward vacancies for finalists and PhD students Advertised Sep 10 months
Advertised Oct 9 months
Advertised Nov 8 months
Advertised Dec 7 months
Advertised Jan 6 months
Advertised Feb 5 months
Advertised Mar 4 months
Advertised Apr 3 months
Advertised May 2 months
Advertised Jun 1 month
Advertised Jul 1 month
Advertised Aug 1 month
Immediate vacancies for recent graduates 1 month
Vacancies for postdoctoral researchers 6 months
Vacation work, work experience, volunteering 3 months
Funded postgraduate study 2 months

You must submit your vacancies in English.

In order to justify our administration and to give students a reasonable time period to apply, we will not advertise unless your closing date is at least four weeks after the submission date.

We do not promote opportunities (e.g. insight days) which would require students to be away from the University for more than one day during term-time. You can see academic year dates to help when planning your event.
For one-day opportunities which we advertise, we include a line of text which advises students that it is their responsibility to ensure that they are not missing teaching or other academic activities in order to participate.

For English language teaching positions, we require you to define the level of language skills required, and to separately identify any legitimate nationality requirements. In particular, we do not publish vacancies described as requiring a "native English speaker". We are happy to use phrasing such as "fluent English speaker" or "native-level English speaker" to define your requirements. This is to ensure that there is no inappropriate exclusion of candidates who are not UK nationals but who speak English at the level you require.

We do not advertise commission-based jobs, franchise or self-employment positions, or opportunities for which the postholder/student is charged or required to invest (except in the case of postgraduate study where the student will incur some expense).

We do not post advertisements for students to register with recruitment intermediaries. You may want to read our policy statement for recruitment intermediaries.

We regret we cannot guarantee to acknowledge receipt.

We expect all opportunity providers and recruitment intermediaries to:

  • Describe opportunities accurately and honestly
  • Provide all key information as set out in our vacancy submission form below.
  • Tell us if the vacancy fills before the end of the advertised period.

We expect recruitment intermediaries to:

  • Inform us of the employer’s name, as vacancies are advertised under the employer’s name.
  • Ensure that, where the intermediary is organising the whole recruitment campaign, we are notified of this by the client.
  • Take note of our policy statement for recruitment intermediaries.


Please submit your vacancies via our Recruit@Bath system. You will need to register if you haven't used the system before.

(Recruitment intermediaries please email to receive our recruitment intermediary submission form instead.)

By supplying your opportunity information to us, you consent to us publishing it in the listings on our website, and on paper. The normal medium is our website. We will edit this information to form your entry in the listings. The data may remain live until our next updating cycle, which takes place each summer, and may be filed for students to browse.

If you have any queries then please contact one of the team at or telephone 01225 386009.