About conventions de stage

A convention de stage is a type of  contract between an employer, a student and a university. They are required in France and common practice in some other European countries for many types of temporary vocational work experience. These documents must be signed by all three parties and are a formal contractual agreement, stating the responsibilities of each party. They are therefore more than just proof of student status.

No-one in the Careers Service can legally sign these for you on behalf of the University of Bath.

If you are a current student

If you need the convention de stage for a sandwich placement opportunity, then you should contact placement staff in your department. They will be able to and are used to handling conventions de stage.

If you have been asked for a convention de stage but the opportunity is not for a placement undertaken as a formal part of your degree, you are not entitled to a convention de stage. At the time of writing (June 2017) there is no established procedure within the University to obtain a convention de stage. However, if this situation changes we will publish updates on this page. Meanwhile you are advised to check in advance if this type of contract will need to be signed, as we have had cases of students being offered jobs which they have been unable to accept because the University cannot sign the convention de stage.

If you are a graduate

If you are a graduate, you are not entitled to a convention de stage as your formal relationship with the University of Bath has ended. We have had instances of graduates getting as far as being accepted for a job before discovering that a convention de stage was required and then having to withdraw because one cannot be supplied. Clarify whether this will be required before you apply for anything described as an internship or stage.

If this situation changes we will publish updates on this page.