International students

Welcome to the international students' careers pages.

These pages provide additional information for international students to be used in conjunction with the rest of the Careers website.

International students can benefit from our full range of services, including quick query appointments, practice interviews and careers guidance appointments. You are also welcome to attend our wide-ranging programme of skills development and recruitment events (Bath only) as well as longer, more practical workshops run exclusively for international students on UK recruitment, CVs and cover letters, and interview skills. We also run an International Careers Week each year.

Working in the UK as a graduate or placement student

  • What do international graduates do?
  • Immigration
  • Job hunting and recruitment
  • Maximising your chances
  • Workplace culture/etiquette

Experience and part-time work

  • How to find experience
  • National insurance and tax
  • Visa restrictions
  • Maximising your chances

More help from the University of Bath

  • Immigration and visa advice - Working in the UK
  • English language support
  • Part time work and volunteering