Research careers

A career in research is an entirely realistic option for postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers. What is important to realise is that this career does not have to be in academia. The commercial and public sectors also do large amounts of research and all value the skills and experiences of academic researchers.

Research careers within academia

If you are interested in a research career within academia, see the academic careers page, Manchester Academic Careers website, and our How to get a postdoc guide. It’s also vital to talk to current academics in your field for advice on steps you need to take to be competitive for lectureships positions.

Research Careers outside academia

Depending on your discipline, you could pursue a research career in:

  • industry (large or small)
  • charities and NGOs
  • central and local government
  • cultural organisations
  • research institutes and research councils
  • social research organisations
  • market research organisations
  • think tanks - see this useful guide to working for think tanks produced by The University of Oxford.

The Careers Group (University of London) have produced a detailed guide to research careers in various sectors which includes links and vacancy sources.