Succeed in the selection process

We can help you to understand, develop and apply the skills you'll need to make it through all stages of selection - from your first application form to assessment centres.

We can support you to:

  • Improve your employability
  • Find out about occupations, sectors, industries and professions
  • Cope with applications, interviews and assessment centres
  • Practise aptitude tests
  • Build up your Personal Development Planning portfolio.

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Skills workshops & occupational briefings

These sessions are designed to help you make and implement career choices. Workshops are delivered by employers and speakers from professional bodies as well as our Careers Advisers.

To find out about Development events, see the Skills Development programme (campus only) for listings.

All Skills Development sessions count towards the Bath Award.

In addition, a programme of generic skills training courses for doctoral students is offered by the University. See the DoctoralSkills webpages.

Skills information resources

We have a range of information about skills including reference books, pamphlets and videos. Many of our pamphlets are available as take-aways. The information covers topics like career choice, application forms, aptitude tests, interviews and assessment centres, and you can see a complete list online.

Streamed videos (Bath only)

We have a selection of videos produced by AGCAS which you can watch over the Internet. Topics include interviews and assessment centres.

Get help with applications, CVs, interviews and assessment centres

Application, CV and cover letter guide

This is a booklet written by our Careers Advisers to help you write CVs, application forms and covering letters. It has examples of different approaches to layout, as well as written information and advice.

Your CV front cover

You can pick up a copy in the Information Room, or download it (campus only).

Interviews and assessment centres guide

Interviews and assessment centres guide front cover

You can pick up a copy in the Information Room, or download it (campus only).

InterviewStream video software

We can now offer you the opportunity to practice interview skills using video interview software. InterviewStream offers you a choice of building your own interview or you can take one of our pre-prepared ones. Find out more about InterviewStream.

Preparing for an interview - last minute help

Ideally, you need to give yourself enough time to prepare for an interview as it is often the main way that employers confirm your suitability for the position they have available. However, sometimes the amount of time available to you can be severely limited. For these situations Preparing for an interview - last minute help is a concise guide to how you can use your preparation time as effectively as possible.

One-to-one help

We can offer you a practice interview with a careers adviser, or a guidance appointment where you can discuss all aspects of your interview preparation. For more details see one-to-one help.

Booking a room for a telephone or video interview

You can book a space with us in the Virgil Building for your interview.

This gives you solo access to a room where you can use your own phone or take a call via a landline, and you can use your own laptop and webcam or use the PC and its webcam.

To book, please phone us on 01225 386009 or come in and see us at the Virgil Building.

Personal Development Planning (PDP)

Take a look at the introduction to PDP which provides framework documents for undergraduates and postgraduates. The aim is to help you to reflect on your development and to formulate your own plan of what you want to achieve during your time at Bath.

See also the other materials in the Skills for Study area, plus the Bath Award.