Prepare for assessment tests

How can I prepare and improve?

Have a go. We have invested in high quality licensed psychometric test packages to give Bath students free access to practice tests and reports.

Graduates First

  • Verbal, numerical and logical reasoning tests - seven tests for each of these
  • Personality and situational judgement questionnaires
  • Assessment centre exercises (including e-tray)
  • A very comprehensive package including detailed reports, explanation of incorrect answers and video tutorials.

Go to Graduates First - register using your University of Bath email address (current students) or your email address (University of Bath graduates).

Please note:

  • To access the full content, you must access the site using the Bath-specific link above. Based on our testing, we advise you to use a browser other than Internet Explorer.
  • When you register to use Graduates First you will see a tick box as follows:
    "Check here if you want to hear from the UK's leading recruitment services for students and graduates."
    Don't forget to untick the box if you do not wish to receive emails from third parties.

Team Focus

  • Verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning tests
  • Personality questionnaire - this differs to the one in Graduates First in that it's less relevant to employment selection processes and more for personal development
  • Values questionnaire which is useful for looking at what motivates you.

Go to Team Focus (Bath only).

Optimising your performance

The best way to optimise your performance is to focus on the above resources in detail to see where you can improve. Simply completing as many tests as you can is not so effective. However, if you need further examples of questions you're particularly struggling with, or a test not represented within these packages, refer to our additional resources on aptitude tests and personality assessments.

You might need to refresh your Maths. This is a common issue so our information resources cover this too. You could also use the services provided by MASH – a University resource centre to help all students with their Maths and Statistics.

Further guidance on tests

If you have any questions or would like guidance from a careers adviser on aptitude tests, you could book a quick query appointment. The careers adviser could go through a sample question with you, to help you understand what the test is designed to do, but please note that we are not able to go through whole test papers or provide coaching for aptitude tests.

The British Psychological Society has a Psychological Testing Centre which includes a public area with information on good practice in Psychological Testing.