If you have any questions about bursary applications, please contact

Applying for a bursary

The process for bursary application depends on the year you started studying at the University.

2012 intake onwards

The process for applying for bursaries changed in 2012

Pre-2012 intake

Bursaries are applied for on a yearly basis and the application process is always the same.

For the University to assess you for a bursary, you need to apply for student support from your country's funding body, be income assessed, and all parties involved need to agree to share this information.

Once your application is complete, relevant information is passed on to the University for assessment.

Bursary eligibility

Once we have received your household income details we use it to determine whether you are eligible for a bursary.

Claiming your bursary

If you are eligible you will be sent an email telling you how to claim. If you think you are eligible, but have not received an email please contact