Undergraduate bursaries

The University offers various funding packages depending on year of entry.


Bursaries and waivers are only available to UK undergraduate students and are dependent on a number of financial factors. Select your year of intake to determine what support you may be eligible for.


Find out how to apply for a bursary.

If you have any questions about bursary applications, please contact

Bursary payment

Bursaries are paid in three instalments direct into your nominated bank account. You will be emailed with the amount before each instalment. In 2017/18 the payment dates are:

  1. Wednesday 6 December 2017
  2. Wednesday 21 February 2018
  3. Wednesday 2 May 2018

You can change your bank details at any point by logging in to SAMIS and completing ‘enter or change financial support bank details’ option.

Please note that changes made just before an instalment is due may not take effect until the next instalment.


Depending on your year of study, you may be eligible for funding through one of our scholarships.

Change of circumstances

If your household income is reassessed and your entitlement to a grant changes, your entitlement to the bursary may also change ( pre 2012 entrants only). If your bursary entitlement changes, we will adjust your payments at the next instalment.