Withdrawing or suspending from your studies

When you suspend your studies, you need to consider a range of implications about how your time away can affect your academic studies, housing, funding, health etc. This Guide to Suspending Studies provides relevant information across these areas, focusing on what you need to consider before and during your period of suspension, as well as when you return to study.

Withdrawing /suspending will have an impact on you financially and on your future funding entitlements so you are strongly advised to seek advice before making this decision.  Here are some key facts

Undergraduate students funded by Student Loans Company

Tuition fees

The amount of fees you pay will depends on your attendance.  The attendance confirmation dates  for 2017/18 are shown below:

Dates Proportion of fees
2 October 2017 25%
8 January 2018 25%
9 April 2018 50%

This means that if you withdraw/suspend on or after any of the dates above, you will need to pay the relevant proportion of tuition fee regardless of whether or not you complete the semester.

Future tuition fee loan entitlement

Students can receive funding for the normal duration of their course plus one year. We call this the “gift year”. However, if you withdraw/suspend from your studies, even after just a couple of days, this will use up the “gift year” and it will affect your flexibility to make changes to your studies in the future within higher education.

Maintenance loan and grants

You are only entitled to a maintenance loan/grant for the time you are registered as an attending student. If you withdraw or suspend study  after a payment period you may have to pay some money back. Your awarding authority will adjust your entitlement to reflect your last date of attendance and will contact you if there has been an overpayment, which you may have to pay back. 

Withdrawing or suspending on grounds of ill health or compelling personal reasons

If you are withdrawing/ suspending on health grounds, make sure your department is aware of your circumstances and that they have seen the relevant medical evidence. They can then record this as your reason for leaving on the change of circumstance form, which may mean that, for suspending students,  the SLC can extend your student maintenance beyond your suspension date.  If you are withdrawing/suspending for reasons other than health and you think you may have compelling personal reasons please see the Money Team in Student Services for advice.

Postgraduate Students funded by Student Loans Company

Withdrawing /suspending will have an impact on you financially and you need to inform the Student Finance Office immediately.  Here are some key facts


Students may suspend study with the agreement of their HE provider.  Remaining PGL entitlement can be accessed when the student resumes their course.

  • Suspends and resumes in the same payment period:  support not affected
  • Suspends and resumes in the following payment period:  support not affected
  • Suspends for a full payment period:  next payment made on resumption.

Withdrawal and Overpayment

Where a student withdraws from a course:

  • Future payments of PGL are cancelled
  • Previous payments are only affected if the withdrawal is retrospective

Where a payment is made after the student has withdrawal, the loan overpayment is collected immediately, this is collected separately from the main balance.

Overpayments are also due to be repaid where the student was not eligible for PGL, for example because the student:

  • Does not satisfy residency requirements
  • Has a Master's degree and does not declare it on the application

International and self funding Home/ EU students

Tuition fees

Tuition fees are charged based on the number of weeks you are in attendance from the start date of the academic year until date of withdrawal/suspense from your studies. If you have paid your tuition fees in full  then you may be due for a partial refund. If you have only paid a part of the fees, then you may have some tuition fees still to pay. Please contact the Student Finance office if you have any questions

Bear in mind any changes to studies may have an effect on your student visa and so you should seek advice from the Student Immigration Service. 

Students funded by SAAS

Tuition fees 

Students from Scotland can have a fee loan for the full amount due based on pro rata attendance (e.g. start date of academic year until date of suspension/withdrawal). If you leave studies prior to 1 December then the Students Award Agency Scotland (SAAS) will NOT allow you a fee loan and you will be invoiced (pro rata) for the level of tuition fees due.

Students funded by the University

If you are in receipt of funding from the University you will need to contact one of the following.

Undergraduate students

Postgraduate students

  • PG bursary students please contact the Postgraduate Bursary Team
  • PG students in receipt of all other types of funding please contact academic department in the first instance.

If you need further information please contact us. If your query is about your tuition fee liability then contact the Student Finance Office for advice.  General advice about suspending and resuming your studies is available from Student Services for Undergraduate & Postgraduate Taught students and doctoral students

Information for self funding students 2017/18

Information for SLC funded students 2017/18