Hector Archila

PhD Research Programme in Architecture, from Colombia

Hector Archila
Doing a PhD at Bath has given me the opportunity of networking with fellow researchers, industry partners and potential employers locally and internationally.

What factors made you choose to study at the University of Bath?

The opportunity of obtaining a new qualification and undertaking research in my area of expertise (thanks to a full scholarship given by the Colombian government through the research establishment Colciencias).

Also the Research Excellence in Architecture and Civil Engineering status reported by the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE 2008).

What are your plans for the future?

Continue working with the private sector, maintaining a strong link with academia and foster research activities in my country.

What is best about Bath?

Its setting and size makes Bath a pleasant and tranquil place to study. Bath is a small city with walkable distances within it. Its location in a valley offers pleasant and sometimes surprising views of the town and its surroundings.

You can walk from Uni through quiet green fields to the crowded heart of this tourist city. You can also cycle within it, despite the hills, and around it. Bath’s proximity to London (1.30 hours) and Bristol (10 mins) makes it central and reachable.

Would you recommend the University of Bath to others?

Yes, but they have to be ready for the high cost of living (mainly accommodation).