Jorge Mora
The induction programme was really useful and complete...  it is a warm welcome and also the chance to learn how to make the most of your time whilst you are a student at Bath.

Jorge Mora

MSc Marketing from Colombia, Bogota

Awarded Santander Masters Scholarship, International Scholarship and School of Management MSc Scholarship

Why did you choose to study here?

There were many factors when choosing to study my MSc in Marketing in the University of Bath, some of the main reasons were the content of the programme itself and the excellent reputation of the school of management in this specialty, due to its high standards of research and lecturers’ quality.

In addition, I also took into account the alumni and student profile as well as the programme’s ranking position in the world and within the UK.

What do you enjoy most?

Being a student in the University of Bath has been a everyday pleasure. One of the things that I enjoy the most is going to lecture, because apart of the privilege to learn how to do Marketing according to the state of the art in this field, it is also wonderful to learn from the culture and background of my classmates who come from different countries.

I really think that this is an invaluable input in the learning process because it opens your mind and enhance your critical and rational thinking. Additionally the City of Bath provides a perfect environment to study and live without having the stress that generates the big cities.

Did you find anything difficult when you first arrived?

Of course, when I arrived the first day it was difficult to navigate the uni campus and the city of Bath but I also enjoyed getting lost and then find my way on my own, it is all part of the experience. However, after the induction week all the doubts and concerns were clarified.

Did you find anything helpful when settling in?

The induction programme was really useful and complete. I said this because is not just a simple description of the Uni and the programme, on the contrary it is a warm welcome and also the chance to learn how to make the most of your time whilst you are a student at Bath.

This included the introduction of the vast variety of club and societies and all the resources that as a student I have at my hands. I Also did enjoy the different networking activities to mingle within your classmates and students from other courses.

Do you have any strong memories of so far?

Well, there had been so many strong experiences and memories within such a short period of time that is difficult to recall the most relevant.

So I would say that every day that pass is a wonderful memory full of new challenges and new learnings that enhance myself as a person and professional.