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  • We are located in 1W3.107: from the front of the library walk between the library and 1W. Enter the new 1W building via a door on your left. MASH is one floor up on level 3, room 107.
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Welcome to MASH (Mathematics and Statistics Help)

MASH is the institutional mathematics resources centre which can offer help with maths and stats problems for all students at the University of Bath.

MASH celebrates success: We welcome our 5000th visitor!

MASH drop-ins have now closed for this academic year. If you need help with maths during the summer vacation, please get in touch. SAS appointments continue throughout the summer for support with statistical queries - click here to make an appointment.

MASH offers

See below for more information. We also offer tailored support for some small groups, staff who are interested in our other activities should have a look at our staff page.

How to find us!

MASH is in room 1W3.107. This room in the side of 1W building. To reach the room from the front of the library walk between the library and 1W. Enter the 1W via a door on your left and MASH is one floor up on level 3, room 107.

Drop-in Timetable (Term time only)

Day General drop-in
for all students
Peer support for
Y1 Maths students
Twilight drop-in
Library 4.14
Study space for maths work
(no tutor on duty)
12:15 - 14:05
16:15 - 19:05
12:15 - 14:05
16:15 - 19:05
13:15 - 15:05
16:15 - 19:05
12:15 - 14:05
18:15 - 19:05
12:15 - 14:05
MATLAB in 3E3.1
16:15 - 19:05

Statistics Advisory Service

Need help with statistical problems in your project work (e.g. final year/research projects)?

Make an appointment with SAS for

  • experimental design,
  • guidance on the correct statistical test,
  • interpretation of results
  • and help with statistical packages

Appointments may be made by any member of the university, individual or group.

You will need to give information about your project when you book an appointment.

Online resources

Follow the links on the left hand menu to find

You will also find links to our ongoing project to provide language resources and translations and maths accessibility work summary.


Support for software, programming and producing mathematical/statistical documents

We offer support for software including Excel, SPSS, R, MATLAB, Maple, LaTeX, equations in Word, MathML and mathematical/statistical programming in common languages.

Support available varies depending on the dropin tutor. Other tutors may be available on an on call basis but depending on your query you may need to wait, may be asked to come back to a specific dropin or be asked to make a SAS appointment.

Not sure what you can ask?

Not sure what questions about your studies you can ask in MASH? Uncertain if it counts as maths?

Click on the image to see what other students have asked and see how varied it can be:


Study skills workshops

Interested in considering different ways to approach mathematical study? Sign up for a MASH Study Skills Workshop. These workshops assume A level mathematics or equivalent and are aimed at first year students in Mathematics, Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, Economics, Accounting and on some Natural Sciences courses of study.

If you have suggestions for workshops you would like to attend next year then mail mash@bath.ac.uk.

Mash Café - closed for summer

Play and discuss strategy games and puzzles in an informal and relaxed setting.

Meets Thursday 17:30-19:30 (Term time) in the Students' Union on Level 3 outside ARC (excepting 8th and 22nd Oct 2015 when we will meet on Level 2).

Join our mailing list or Facebook group for updates about MASH Café meetings and activities and to receive join in with the weekly puzzle.

Help update the MASH Café wiki!


Please do contact us with ideas for the centre - we welcome constructive input from everyone!