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MASH is the University of Bath's institutional mathematics resource centre and is open to all students. Please encourage your students to use it. A leaflet for staff detailing our activities in the last academic year is available and departments may wish to print copies to distribute to staff.

Mathematics and statistics support is provided through informal drop-in sessions in the base room. A tutor is available to answer questions, but the students may also use the room as a place to work on their own or in a group. Current session times are displayed on the MASH homepage.

Resources in the MASH room include textbooks and three computers connected to the university network. A list of online resources of use to both students and staff are available at MASH on Moodle is maintained and some resources for numerical assessment are also available.

We provide a Statistical Advisory Service for students and staff. They can discuss what data to collect and how to analyze it in a one to one session with a practising statistician.

We welcome suggestions for activities and materials which will enhance the provision that MASH can provide - please do contact us to discuss any ideas

MASH is supported in part by sigma Network, a professional association of mathematics and statistics support practitioners. We coordinated the sigma Southwest Regional Hub. Information about future sigma events in the south west can now be found on the main sigma site.