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MASH is a centre for all students at the University of Bath; please make use of it!

Mathematics and statistics support is provided in the drop-in sessions. These are very informal. A tutor is available to answer questions, but you may also use the room as a place to work on your own or in a group. You can turn up at any time and stay for as long or short a time as you like within the session. The current drop-in times are displayed on the homepage.

There are some textbooks available to use in the room and also three computers connected to the university network. The graphing package Autograph is available on these computers.

If you are working on a larger project involving statistical analysis of data, you can use the Statistical Advisory Service to discuss what data to collect and how to analyze it in a one to one session with a practising statistician.

In addition to drop-in support in the base room, there is plenty of online help available from this site - see MASH on Moodle and numerical assessment.

We are always happy to extend the online resources - if you know of any good maths/stats support materials on the web, please do contact us.