MOOCs offered by University of Bath

We currently offer four MOOCs (massive open online courses), free and flexible courses supported by world-class academic standards.

Our MOOCs have no entry requirements so they can be taken by anyone from anywhere around the world as a taster for further academic study or to explore a subject of interest.


Quality Improvement in Healthcare: the Case for Change

This course will explore new and better ways of organising health and social care services, to improve quality and streamline complexity.

The course is new this year and started on 5 September 2016. There is still time to sign up.  The course lasts for 6 weeks and requires about three hours of study a week.

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Inside Cancer: How Genes Influence Cancer Development

Inside Cancer offers an ideal introduction for those interested in understanding how genetics influence the development and spread of cancer.

This successful course started again on 5 September 2016. There is still time to sign up. It lasts 6 weeks and requires about three hours of study per week.

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Make an Impact: Sustainability for Professionals

This course will raise your awareness of sustainability issues and help you to develop a sustainability strategy for your own organisation.

The course has run four times so far and will be running again from 10 October 2016. The course lasts for 6 weeks and requires about three hours of study a week.

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Remote Control Warfare MOOC image

From State Control to Remote Control: Warfare in the 21st Century

Explore the impact and ethics of using of drones, special operations units and private security firms in this free online course.

This course has run twice so far and we are planning to run it again towards the end of this year. It lasts for 6 weeks and requires approximately three hours of study per week.

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Our approach to MOOCs

If you have any questions relating to University of Bath MOOCs, please contact

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MOOCs have been available for some years but are still a highly experimental area of study. The University of Bath is committed to providing a wide range of opportunities for independent learning, which is why we are excited by the potential of MOOCs.

The experience of running our current courses will influence the future MOOCs we offer. As well as providing courses, we are keen to play a leading role in shaping future developments in MOOCs and other approaches to online learning.

Our current courses are available on The University of Bath is a member of the FutureLearn partnership, which includes some of the best UK and international universities, as well as institutions with a huge archive of cultural and educational material. To explore more of what Futurelearn has to offer, visit their website.