Types of accommodation

There are two types of residences available:

You can view our accommodation during our Open Days which are held twice a year.

Accommodation preferences

Both single-gender and mixed flats are available, please only select single gender if you have a strong preference.

Whilst we will make every effort to offer you your choice of room type or location, we regret that we cannot guarantee any preferences.

Please note due to the number of requests received students who selected mixed-gender accommodation may on occasion be allocated to a single-gender group.

Mature students

If you are 21 or over you qualify as a mature student.

We appreciate that mature students may prefer to live with other students in that age group.

We have three specially selected areas that applicants aged 21 and over can apply for if they wish to live with fellow older students on campus.

These are:

  • Eastwood, houses 24-51 (standard rooms, with washbasin)
  • Marlborough Court (ensuite rooms)
  • Osborne House (our designated quiet residence).

Applications for these areas will be available through the applications portal.

We cannot guarantee that all residents of these areas will be mature students.

Resident Tutors

If you live in University accommodation, our Resident Tutors provide pastoral care and support. They help create a welcoming living environment and organise a range of social activities.

Each block also has a housekeeping team who oversee the day-to-day running of the residence and deal with practical issues.


A standard undergraduate contract lasts for 38 weeks from September to June, but there are variations to suit exchange students.

Prices include utility bills, broadband and wifi, connection to our residential network and core possessions insurance.


Purpose-built accommodation with ground floor access is available in the following residences:

If you have any additional requirements beyond our existing provision, you are encouraged to discuss your particular needs with the Student Accommodation team, as special adaptations can be arranged to suit your needs.

Cars and parking

It is a condition of residence in university accommodation that students do not have the use of, or keep a motor vehicle, in connection with their use of the accommodation. Failure to meet these obligations may result in the University taking disciplinary action which may include requiring a student to leave University accommodation.