Students attending a lecture


Entry requirements

Personal Statement:

Your personal statement should describe your motivation for choosing this course and information about your non-academic interests and achievements. You can demonstrate a commitment to the discipline through your general reading, any related work experience and an appreciation of contemporary issues in economics. 

Your application will be strengthened by:

  • evidence of a strong interest in economics demonstrated by extra-curricular activity, research or work experience 
  • additional A level(s) (including Critical Thinking)
  • a relevant Extended Project

 GCSE requirements

  • Essential- English grade B or 6 (or equivalent)
  • Strong preference for Maths grade A or 7 or above (or equivalent)

A Levels

Typical Offer: A*AA including Mathematics

Alternate Offer: AAA including Mathematics plus one of the following:

  • Grade A in an EPQ
  • Grade B in the Welsh Bacc Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate
  • Grade M1 in Cambridge Pre-U Global Perspectives
Students presenting with one of the above project qualifications should receive both the
 typical offer and the alternative.
  • General Studies is excluded
  • Critical Thinking will not normally form part of an offer
  • languages which are intended for non-native speakers are not normally acceptable when taken by native speakers of that language
  • A* can be in any of the three A levels. 

Preferred subjects

  • Apart from Mathematics there are no other essential requirements
  • we prefer traditional A level subjects
  • Further Mathematics is highly desirable
Last year, besides Mathematics and Economics the top 5 subjects taken by successful candidates were:
  • Further Mathematics  25%
  • Physics                    23%
  • History                    12%
  • Chemistry                12%
  • Geography               11%


Preferred subject combinations:

Candidates offering the following types of narrow subject combinations are less likely to receive an offer:

  • Business Studies and Economics
  • Accounting and Business Studies
  • English Literature and English Language. 

Access to HE Diploma

We welcome applications from students studying for an Access to HE Diploma. Our economics programmes are academically challenging and require solid foundations of knowledge in mathematics. We will consider the applications of students whose applications indicate that they have studied a suitable level of mathematics (at least 12 units of Level 3 mathematics) to be able to succeed on our programmes. However, due to the time-limited nature of Access programme delivery, it is expected that you will have also completed a significant level of independent study in order to further develop and refine these mathematical skills.

Please see the lists of preferred subjects and subject combinations in the A Level section above, for an indication of the type of units that should be studied alongside mathematics, as suitable preparation for these programmes.

If your application indicates that you may be suitable for our programmes, you will be invited to attend an interview at the university. During this interview, you will be asked about your motivation to study an economics programme at Bath, and you will be asked to work through a variety of programme-relevant mathematics problems. Applicants who are able to demonstrate the necessary skills and knowledge will be considered for an offer for a place at Bath.

Typical offer:

Pass the Access to HE Diploma, with at least 39 credits achieved from units awarded at Distinction. This must include 12 credits from mathematics units awarded at Distinction.

Applicants also need to ensure that they meet the GCSE requirements listed above.


BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma qualifications will be considered at grade D alongside two A-levels at grades A*A, one of which must be Mathematics. Please see the A level section above for guidance on subject combinations. Applicants will need to ensure that they meet the GCSE requirements listed above. 

Cambridge Pre-U

Typical Offer: D2, D3, D3 including Mathematics.

Alternate Offer: D3, D3, D3 including Mathematics plus on of the following:

  • Grade A in an EPQ
  • Grade B in the Welsh Bacc Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate
  • Grade M1 in Cambridge Pre-U Global Perspectives
Students presenting with one of the above project qualifications should receive both the 
typical offer and the alternative.

Please see A Level section for details of preferred and less preferred subjects and subject combinations.


European Baccalaureate

Typical Offer: An overall score of 85% with at least 8.5 in Higher Level (5 period) Mathematics.

See A level section for details of preferred subjects and subject combinations. 

French Baccalaureate

Baccalauréat Général:  Obtain an overall grade of 15.5, to include 16 in Mathematics and 14 in English. 

Option Internationale du Baccalauréat: Obtain an overall grade of 15, to include 15 in Mathematics and 13 in English. (if required)

German Abitur

Obtain an overall grade of 1.2, to include a minimum 13 in Mathematics

Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE)

Typical offer: 5*55 in 3 relevant HKDSE electives plus 5* in core Mathematics and 5 in the Mathematics Extended Paper. 

Indian Qualifications

All India 12th Standard: 85% overall including 85% in Mathematics and 80% in English. 

International Baccalaureate

Typical offer (2016 entry): 36 points overall

  • Mathematics (not Mathematical Studies) at Standard level at grade 7 or Higher Level grade 6.

  • Grade 6 in at least one preferred HL subject. Consideration may be given to SL grade 7 in certain circumstances. (see A level section for details of preferred subjects and subject combinations).

Typical offer (2017 entry): 36 points with grades of 7,6,6 in three Higher Level subjects. 7 in Standard Level Mathematics is required where not taken at Higher Level.


International Students

We accept a wide range of non-UK qualifications as entry either to our Foundation Year or directly on to the first year of our undergraduate programmes. For further information please visit our International Office web page.

English Language Qualifications:

All applicants whose first language is not English must provide evidence of English language proficiency in order to study Economics. The minimum requirement is IELTS: grade 7.0 overall, with 6.5 in all components. Applicants should submit their results by 31st July.

For a list of other English language qualifications we accept please go to the English Language Entry Requirements web page.

Irish Leaving Certificate

Typical Offer: AAAAAB at higher level with an A in Mathematics.


Diploma di Esame di Stato: Obtain an overall mark of 95% from the Diploma di Esame di Stato, to include 95% and 90% in two subjects one of which must be Mathematics.


Obtain a minimum 8.5 overall in the VWO to include 9 in Mathematics and 8 in all remaining subjects.

Open University Credits

We welcome applications from students studying with the Open University. We will consider your application carefully and take note of any previous qualifications or relevant work experience. You will need to ensure that you will meet the GCSE requirements listed above.

Typically, we would be looking for you to have studied units worth at least 120 credits, including at least 30 credits at Level 2 in Mathematics. We would ideally be looking for you to be taking units including:

• MST124: Essential Mathematics 1 and
• MST224: Mathematical Methods

However, we may be able to accept alternative units, please contact to discuss this.

Applicants will be expected to demonstrate a high academic standard and may also be invited to attend an interview.

Typical offer:
Pass units worth 120 credits, including a minimum of a Pass 2 with 80% in a relevant Level 2 Mathematics unit worth at least 30 credits.

Please note that this information is a guide, and all students applying with Open University qualifications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Please note: taking OU credits may be counted as degree level study by the Student Loans Company and therefore may be counted as previous study and have an impact on your ability to access student loans / grants for the entirety of your chosen degree. We recommend that you discuss this in detail with the SLC before following this progression route to the University of Bath.

Scottish Highers

Typical Offer: AAAAA at Higher level and AA at Advanced Higher level which must include Mathematics. See A level entry requirements for preferred subjects.

United States

Typical Offer:  Obtain 680 in the Writing and Maths Papers from the SATR


A minimum 3 (group A) Advanced Placements all at grade 5 to include Calculus BC. This is equivalent to 6 group B subjects and a combination of A&B will be considered.

Should you be studying a combination of American qualifications for example, AP's and SAT Subject Test's please contact the Admissions Office.