University of Bath

Department of Mathematical Sciences postgraduate research students

We are postgraduate research students working on a variety of projects across a range of mathematical themes.

We are part of the vibrant research culture in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, integrated in its research groups.

PhD students in Mathematical Sciences

    Student Supervisor 1 Supervisor 2 Project title
    ARTER, Elizabeth Dr Euan Spence Prof Ivan Graham Fast Methods for Frequency Domain Wave Computation & Applications in Seismic Inversion
    BARRY, Eleanor
    BETTERIDGE, Jack Dr Eike Mueller Prof Ivan Graham Efficient elliptic solvers for higher-order DG discretisations on modern architectures and applications in atmospheric modelling
    BOULTON, Beth Dr Jane White Dr Ben Adams Optimised control of soil transmitted helminths
    BRADY, Aoibheann Dr Ilaria Prosdocimi Prof Julian Faraway Attribution of large scale drivers for environmental change
    BROWN, Robert Dr Xiuping Su Dr Gunnar Traustason
    BRUNO, Stefano
    CALLEGARO, Alice Dr Matt Roberts
    CAWTE, Joel Prof Jeyabal Sivaloganathan Prof Chris Bowen Modelling instabilities in non-linear elastic materials in extreme environments
    CORNALBA, Federico Prof Johannes Zimmer Dr Tony Shardlow Topics in the Dean-Kawasaki model and applications to nucleation theory
    CRAWLEY, Tom Dr Xiuping Su Prof Alastair King Quantised algebras and quiver representation theory
    DAVIS, Alice Dr Karim Anaya-Izquierdo Dr Alex Cox Statistical inference of survival data using geometry
    DE MELO VIRISSIMO, Francisco Prof Paul Milewski Prof Jonathan Dawes Dynamical System Methods for Waves in Fluids: Stability, Breaking and Mixing in Internal Waves
    DETOMMASO, Gianluca Prof Robert Scheichl Accelerating Bayesian sampling in Uncertainty Quantification
    DEVENEY, Teo
    D'ONOFRIO, Serena Dr Kirill Cherednichenko Operator-theoretic methods in homogenisation of singular periodic structures
    DOWNING, Shaunagh
    DUPONT, Emiko Dr Nicole Augustin Dr Ilaria Prosdocimi Spatial smoothing in statistical regression models
    DUREY, Matthew Prof Paul Milewski Prof Jonathan Dawes Faraday wave-droplet dynamics: a hydrodynamic quantum analogue
    EVANS, Morgan Dr Jonathan Evans Prof Victor Galaktionov Complex viscoelastic flows for describing inks
    FEKETE, Dorottya Prof Andreas Kyprianou Prof Peter Morters Compensated fragmentations and related problems
    FERNLEY, John Dr Marcel Ortgiese Prof Peter Morters
    FINN, Tom
    GARTNER, Christoph
    GAVAGNIN, Enrico Dr Kit Yates Dr Tim Rogers Investigating mammalian embryonic cell migration with multiscale stochastic models
    GILMORE, Max Prof Hartmut Logemann Dr Chris Guiver Control theoretic analysis of forced dynamics
    GONZALEZ GARCIA, Isaac Prof Andreas Kyprianou
    GOSNELL, Arron
    GRAHAM, Will
    GRAY, Elizabeth Dr Evangelos Evangelou
    GREEN, Daniel Dr Melina Freitag Dr Mark Opmeer Model order reduction for large-scale data assimilation problems
    GREEN, James Dr Alastair Craw Prof David Calderbank Reconstructing certain quiver flag varieties from a tilting bundle
    GRIFFITH, Matthew Prof Chris Budd Prof Nicholas Mitchell Raising the Roof: Extension of the Met Office’s Unified Model into the Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere
    HARDIMAN, Leonard Prof Alastair King Dr Gunnar Traustason Module categories and modular invariants
    HARRIS, Joe Dr Apala Majumdar
    HART, Allen Dr Silvia Gazzola
    HOLDERBAUM, William Prof Fran Burstall Prof Gene Ryan Integrable surface geometry
    HORTON, Emma Prof Andreas Kyprianou Dr Simon Harris Stochastic analysis of the neutron transport equation with applications to Monte-Carlo simulations
    JARRETT, Kieran Dr Alastair Craw Prof Tony Dooley Non-singular ergodic theory
    KAISER, Marcus Prof Johannes Zimmer Dr Robert Jack Interacting particle models and the geometry of their macroscopic description
    KATSIOLIDES, Grigoris Prof Robert Scheichl Dr Eike Mueller Multilevel Monte Carlo methods for atmospheric dispersion
    KEMP, Callum Prof Fran Burstall Dr Merrilee Hurn Isothermic Surfaces and their generalisations
    KHALEEL, Nadeen Dr Theresa Smith Dr Nicole Augustin
    KINSLEY, Sam Dr Alex Cox Prof Peter Morters Topics in model-independent finance
    KLAR, Matthias Prof Johannes Zimmer Dr Karsten Matthies
    KLEIN, Amelie Dr Philippe Blondel Dr Kari Heine
    KYNASTON, Stef Prof Robert Scheichl Prof Alastair Spence Multiscale Modelling and Stochastic Uncertainty Quantification in Aerospace Composites
    LELLI, Andrea Dr Alexandre De Oliveira Stauffer Dr Antal Jarai Random Walks in Changing Environment
    LODEWIJKS, Bas Dr Marcel Ortgiese The Preferential Attachment model with fitness
    MIDDLETON, Amy Dr Antal Jarai Prof Jonathan Dawes Distributed Optimisation of LTE Systems
    MOORE, Sam Dr Tim Rogers Prof Peter Morters Contagion processes in evolving environments
    MOREL-BALBI, Sebastian Dr Tiago Peixoto
    MORUPISI, Kgomotso Prof Chris Budd Prof Paul Milewski A study of conceptual models of climate using dynamical systems theory
    NG, Daniel Dr Alex Cox Prof Johannes Zimmer
    OLDING, Kevin
    ONORATI, Claudio Prof Gregory Sankaran Hyperkahler manifolds and their moduli
    OWEN, Jennifer Dr Kit Yates Prof Robert Kelsh
    PARKINSON, Matt Prof Ivan Graham Prof Robert Scheichl Novel Monte Carlo Approaches for Uncertainty Quantification of the Neutron Transport Equation
    PECK, Robert Prof Christopher Jennison Dr Ilaria Prosdocimi Seamless and overarching approaches for optimising over the phases of drug development
    PELLET, Xavier Dr Lucia Scardia Prof Johannes Zimmer Variational models of particle systems and their macroscopic limits
    PEMBERY, Owen Dr Euan Spence Prof Ivan Graham Waves in heterogeneous and random media
    PENNINGTON, Tom Dr Karim Anaya-Izquierdo
    PIM, Aaron Dr Kirill Cherednichenko Dr Apala Majumdar and Prof Jey Sivaloganathan
    PITT, Elizabeth Dr Chris Jennison Dr Evangelos Evangelou Optimising "First in Human" clinical trials
    POWERS, Katherine Prof Chris Budd Prof Paul Milewski, C Brace and C Copeland Mathematical Modelling of Instabilities within Turbomachinery
    PRIGENT, Martin Dr Matt Roberts Dr Simon Harris
    PUCEK, Roland Prof David Calderbank
    RAMBOJUN, Adwaye Dr Neill Campbell Dr Tony Shardlow, Prof Gavin Shaddick and W Tillett Automatic scoring of X-rays in Psoriatic Arthritis
    ROBINSON, Benjamin Dr Alex Cox Dr Tony Shardlow Topics in Optimal Stopping and Optimal Transport
    SABATE LANDMAN, Malena Dr Silvia Gazzola Dr Melina Freitag and Prof M Soleimani
    SAIZMAA, Tsogzolmaa Prof Andreas Kyprianou
    SATITKANITKUL, Weerapat Prof Andreas Kyprianou Dr Alex Cox Self-similar Markov Processes
    SAUNDERS, Will Dr Eike Mueller Prof Rob Scheichl, J Grant and S Parker Development of a performance-portable framework for atomistic simulations
    SENKEVICH, Anna Prof Peter Morters Dr Cecile Mailler Condensation in reinforced branching processes with fitness
    SHATAER, Shaerdan Prof Chris Budd Dr Silvia Gazzola
    SMITH, Cameron Dr Kit Yates Dr Ben Adams
    SMITH, Tom Dr Ilaria Prosdocimi T Kjeldsen and S Longfield
    STOLZE, Sebastian Dr Evangelos Evangelou Dr Simon Shaw Statistical Modelling for Quantitative Risk Analysis
    SUN, Minwei Dr Antal Jarai
    THOMAS, Matt Prof Gavin Shaddick Dr Melina Freitag Combining Information from Multiple Sources: Global Modelling of Air Pollution
    VERSCHUEREN, Abigail Prof Chris Jennison Dr Evangelos Evangelou Statistical methodology for clinical trials
    VINUESA, Pablo Dr Veronique Fischer Prof Francis Burstall Fourier analysis on manifolds with symmetries
    WALLIS, Alge Dr Johannes Nordstrom Prof Francis Burstall Topological and geometric invariants of G_2-manifolds
    WILLIAMS, James Dr Gunnar Traustason Dr Karsten Matthies Powerfully nilpotent p-groups. The field of study is "the theory of finite p-groups". These are finite groups of prime power order
    WRAGG, Hayley Prof Chris Budd Dr Robert Watson Optimisation Of indoor LTE devices
    ZHANG, Lizhi