University of Bath

Resident tutors

Find out who your resident tutor is and how to contact them.

Your resident tutor will be a member of staff or a postgraduate student who understands what University life is all about.

Contact them if you need some advice, want to get involved in social activities or just need someone to talk to.

Find out how your resident tutors can help you.

Marlborough and Solsbury Courts, The Quads A, B & C and Norwood

    • Andrew Rushworth
    • Cong Zhang
    • Dima Albadra
    • Nicholas Westlake
    • Hollie Hathaway

Woodland Court, The Quads D & E and Eastwood Houses

    • Darius Gadeikis
    • Jan Gosiewski
    • Mareike Posner
    • Meriem Bouazzaoui
    • Niall Coyle
    • Sarah Chordekar

Westwood, Brendon Court, Polden Court, The Lodge & Osborne House

    • Hui Gao
    • Jana Kralova
    • Mathew Anker
    • Nicholas Low
    • Souzan Mahmoud
    • Vangelis Katsampouris

Clevelands, Canal Wharf, Pulteney Court and Thornbank Gardens

    • Abdul Jalil Al Zadjali
    • Andrew Avent
    • David Williamson
    • Marianna Frangeskou
    • Elisa Schweiger

John Wood Complex and Carpenter House

    • Bhagyashree Patil
    • Magda Nasieniak
    • Mike Jones
    • Rob Edinburgh
    • Shaghayegh Mohammad