University of Bath

Senior Management team

The Vice-Chancellor and the Senior Management team manage the University and lead on key strategies and projects.

Senior academic and administrative officers provide support to the Senior Management team through the University Executive Committee.


  • Glynis M. Breakwell

    President and Vice-Chancellor
    Professor Dame Glynis M. Breakwell

    The Vice-Chancellor, social scientist Professor Dame Glynis Breakwell, is both the academic leader and chief executive of the University.

  • Bernie Morley

    Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Provost
    Professor Bernie Morley

    The Deputy Vice-Chancellor is responsible for strategic and corporate planning and is currently responsible for the University’s international portfolio.

  • Peter Lambert

    Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching)
    Professor Peter Lambert, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching)

    The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching) is responsible for our Learning and Teaching Strategy.

  • Jonathan Knight

    Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)
    Professor Jonathan Knight

    The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) is responsible for developing and implementing our Research Strategy.

  • Steve Egan

    Vice-President (Implementation)
    Steve Egan, the Vice-President (Implementation)

    The Vice-President (Implementation) is responsible for catalysing institutional innovation and implementing University strategy.

  • Martin Williams

    Director of Finance
    Martin Williams

    The Director of Finance is responsible for the financial strategy and the policies and procedures supporting it.

  • Mark Humphriss

    University Secretary
    Mark Humphriss

    The University Secretary has responsibility for governance, immigration, legal issues, equality and diversity, major events and emergency management.

  • Nicky Kemp

    Director of Policy & Planning
    Dr Nicky Kemp

    The Director of Policy & Planning is responsible for strategic and operational planning, risk management and providing data to inform decision-making.