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Web Room Bookings Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel a booking?
Once you've signed in, click the 'my bookings' link at the bottom of the page. Find the booking you wish to cancel and press the 'Cancel' button next to it on the right.

I want to extend my booking. How do I do this?
Rather than delete your original booking and then try to rebook it after you've received the cancellation e-mail, make an additional booking in the room for the extra time you need.

I've made a room request for a date in the for the new academic year but I've not received a confirmation e-mail. Is my room booked?
In order for us to have as much flexilibity with teaching timetable we won't confirm any ad-hoc requests until the final Semester 1 timetable has been published. In 2018/19 this will be on the 7th September 2018.
When a booking request is made the information that is sent to our database is date stamped. When we are able to look at these bookings we will go through these in date order and confirm them wherever possible. Should we be unable to confirm your booking we will then contact you and try to make other arrangements.

We're in week 5 and I've been able to book a room in wks 19-52. Why haven't I received my confirmation e-mail?
It's the same answer as for the question above. We need to retain as much flexibility in the Semester 2 timetable as possible. In 2018/19 we will start confirming ad-hoc room requests from the 14th December 2019.

The Online Room Request System sign in screen takes a long time to load. Is this normal?
Yes. It can take from 20-30 seconds for this screen to load as it is obtaining information from our database.

I can't get the Online Room Request System sign in screen to load at all.
If you are experiencing problems signing in please email: timetabling@bath.ac.uk or if urgent, call the Timetabling Office on ext. 3261.

What do the letters mean after the room number?
[GTA] - general teaching accommodation
[Comp] - a GTA computer lab
[CR] - committee room

NB: Committee rooms should only be booked for meetings. Booking requests for teaching activities in these rooms will not be accepted.

Why can't I request the University Hall or a Computer room online?
Additional factors need to be taken into consideration when booking either of these rooms so you will need to contact the Timetabling Office directly if you are wishing to make a request.
We suggest that you read the Guidelines for Requesting the University Hall web page before contacting us.

I'm from an external organisation and I'm hoping to request a room. Why can't I log in?
Please contact a member of the Sales & Events Team: conferencesandevents@bath.ac.uk or on 01225 383441.

I'm a member of staff and want to request a room for an external organisation/sports group/ society. Does this make a difference?
Please contact a member of the Conferences & Events Team: conferencesandevents@bath.ac.uk or on 01225 383441.

I'm a member of staff and I want to request a computer lab for an external group who will need usernames and passwords. How do I go about arranging for these to be generated?
Please contact us in the Timetabling Office to request a Computer Room. You will then need to contact BUCS to request guest logins.

Who do I contact to give feedback about the Online Room request System (BORRS)?
We would be pleased to receive any feedback about the Bath Online Room Request System, good or bad. Any comments should be sent to: timetabling@bath.ac.uk.