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How to Book a Room Online: Online Room Request System

  1. Signing in
  2. Room Booking Details
  3. Room Options
  4. Room Booking Information
  5. Room Confirmation E-Mail
  6. 'My Bookings'



Sign into the Online Room Request System (BORRS).

Enter your BUCS username and password and click the 'Sign in' button.



This page is split into three sections - location, date and time.


Firstly enter in the size of room you require.

You can also select the room type under 'Suitability' (i.e. GTA = General Teaching Accommodation). If you don't select a room type it will show a list of all the rooms available. Depending on the size required this could be a long list.

If there is a specific room you would like to book click 'View Filtered Rooms'. This will bring up a list of all the rooms, which are dependant upon the 'Size' and 'Suitability' selected. To select one or more click the tick boxes to the right of the room(s).


Select the date you wish to book a room from the calendar on the right. For a date in a different month use either the drop down menu or the forward arrow.

If you wish to book a room in multiple weeks press the 'Select multiple days/weeks' link, which will bring up a list of week start dates. Select the the day the event should run on and then the weeks you wish to book a room.



From the 'Preferred Start' drop down menu, select the time you wish the booking to commence.

Repeat process for the 'Preferred End' time*.

From the 'Duration' drop down menu select how long you wish the booking to run

Click 'Next' to display available rooms.


* Please note that bookings finish at five past the hour so a duration of 1hr will in fact only be for 50mins. When you are happy press the 'Next' button.



This page shows a list of all the rooms available on the date and time you have requested. To select a room click in the button on the left of the room.

The clock symbol will bring up a new list of alternative times when the room is available on the date(s) you requested (click the door icon to return to the previous list).

For further information about the room, click on the room name link. This will open a new window providing details about the room and provide photographs where available.

The grid symbol will open the room timetable on the date(s) you requested.

If there no rooms available, a 'No Options Found' message will appear. Either click the 'Back' button and amend the details of your request or press the 'Or check for other times' link. This will provide a list of rooms available at alternative start times on the date(s) requested.



The final stage asks you for further information about the booking. You will see that your name, e-mail and telephone number details have already been entered for you.

You will need to enter the 'Reason for booking':

Enter your department.

Specify in the next drop down menus whether you are a member of staff of a student, followed by whether you are planning to serve refreshments.

You will then need to accept the 'Terms of booking' by selecting 'Yes' from the dropdown menu.

Once you are happy, click the 'Confirm Request' button. This will open a 'Room Booking Request Sent' message to confirm your request has been sent to the Timetabling Office, along with the details of your booking.

If you wish to book another room press the 'Book Another' button. Alternatively press the 'Sign Out' link at the bottom of the page to log off.



Once your room booking has been confirmed by a member of the Timetabling Office, you will receive a 'Booking Confirmation' e-mail from timetabling@bath.ac.uk. This outlines what room was requested and gives details of what has actually been booked. This will be the only correspondence you will receive from the Timetabling Office confirming your booking.



To view any of the bookings you have requested, sign back into Online Room Requests and at the bottom of the page there is a link to 'My Bookings'. This page lists all of you current bookings and their status; unconfirmed, confirmed, cancelled.

If you need to cancel a booking press the 'Cancel' button next to the booking you wish to delete. You will then receive a cancellation e-mail office from timetabling@bath.ac.uk confirming the deletion.



Please note that the Committee Rooms should only be booked for academic and administrative departmental meetings. We will not accept any bookings for teaching in these rooms.

Bookings between 08:15-19:05, Mon-Fri, for dates in weeks 19-52 will not be confirmed until after the final semester 2 timetable has been finalised.