Visas and immigration

Absence and suspension of studies

If a student wants to be absent for a short period, they can request a period of authorised absence of between 14 and 60 days on SAMiS on the web.

The Student Immigration Service will ask the Director of Studies or PGR supervisor to authorise the period of absence and check the student has returned.

PGR students wishing to complete study away for longer periods should complete the PGR study away form on SAMiS.

Suspending studies

If a Tier 4 student needs to suspend their studies, the University will report them to the Home Office and their visa will be cancelled. This means that they need to return home during the period of suspense as they no longer have permission to be in the UK. They will be able to apply for a new visa to return.

In exceptional circumstances, if there is a reason why the student needs to remain in the UK and cannot return to their home country (for example, because they are unable to travel for health reasons), they may be able to apply to stay in the UK outside the Immigration Rules.

Any Tier 4 students considering suspending their studies must be referred to the Student Immigration Service so the implications can be explained to them.