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Attendance monitoring

Attendance requirements at the University of Bath

University regulations require that students must attend regularly. Students are expected to work independently, but the University must make sure that they are complying with internal and external regulatory requirements.

The Procedure to respond to poor student attendance or performance (Regulations 3.1 & 3.2) flowchart should be used to support Directors of Studies whenever there are concerns about a student’s attendance or engagement with their studies. In cases involving Tier 4 visa holders, the flowchart, and its associated guidance and checklist will help to ensure that documentary evidence is collated and retained so as to satisfy the University’s responsibilities to the Home Office (UKVI).

Tier 4 students

Due to the specific requirements that apply to students on Tier 4 visas, certain attendance and engagement monitoring procedures have been put in place for students on a Tier 4 visa only.

Monitoring in practice

The University’s Attendance Monitoring and Engagement Policy sets out the requirements for attendance monitoring which are in force for both new and returning students on all programmes. The policy sets out what the expected points of contact are for different types of students.

We are required to monitor students’ attendance and engagement at a minimum of ten expected points of contact across a 12-month period. The points of contact have been set in agreement with the three Faculties and the School of Management and include a mixture of centrally-set points (such as Registration).

Any students wishing to request authorised absence or fieldwork of more than 14 days should sign in to SAMIS.

You should read our guidance notes for responding to poor attendance or performance and the procedure checklist for responding to poor attendance or performance.

Recording and monitoring

The data on attendance monitoring and engagement is recorded and managed by the Student Immigration Service.

Students not attending/engaging with their studies

You should initiate the Procedure to respond to poor student attendance or performance (Regulation 3.1 &3.2).  If you have any queries, please contact the Student Immigration Service. Once this process has been followed, it may be decided to suspend or withdraw a student. If this student is on a Tier 4 visa, they will be reported to the Home Office once this process has been followed and will need to return home.

Primary responsibility for monitoring attendance and identifying and responding to issues rests with staff in each department. The Student Immigration Service will also notify either the Director of Studies or PGR supervisor once a student has missed two expected points of contact. It is very important that staff within departments act promptly as soon as any member of staff identifies an issue and they should not wait to be notified that a student has missed two expected points of contact.

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