Are you ready to apply?

Key steps to a successful Tier 4 application

  1. Prepare your documents carefully using our visa advice pages.
  2. Check with the Student Immigration Service if you have any questions.
  3. Check you have the required documents.
    • CAS statement. This will be sent to you automatically after you have completed your pre-CAS check, sent to you through Application Tracker
    • completed application form: if you applied online you must print off your application and submit it with your supporting documents
    • financial documents showing enough money to pay your fees (detailed on your CAS) and living costs
    • parent's letter giving permission for you to use their money, if you are using your parent’s bank documents
    • birth certificate, if using your parent's bank documents
    • qualifications/certificates that are stated on your CAS
    • ATAS certificate if required (you will be informed by our admissions team if you need to apply for this)
    • translations of any documents not in English
    • current and previous passports (check expiry date)
    • two photographs meeting Home Office requirements
    • fee (many of you will pay when applying online)
    • evidence that you have passed a Home Office-approved TB test (if required).
  4. Check that your documents will be accepted by the Home Office:
  5. Make your online application (in some countries you will need to apply using form VAF 9). Use your CAS statement to help you with some of the questions. Read our guidance on applying online.
  6. Follow the application process in your country - this will involve paying your fee and sending your documents to a Visa Application Centre or British embassy/consulate. 

Top five reasons for a visa refusal

  1. Bank documents do not clearly show that there is enough money in your bank account every day for a 28-day period. 
  2. Financial documents do not meet Home Office requirements.
  3. Original qualifications or certificates listed on the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) are not provided.
  4. No translations of documents which are not in English.
  5. Tuberculosis (TB) test that has not been approved by the Home Office.  

Credibility interview

You may have a short 'credibility' interview when you attend the visa application centre to submit your application and biometric information.

What will I be asked?

The interview focuses on your reasons for coming to the UK and your ability to explain this in English. For example, you may be asked about your course, studies or finances.

What happens next?

A report of the interview will be considered with your visa application and supporting documents.