UKVI visa interviews

Once you have submitted your visa application, UKVI may contact you to participate in a ‘credibility interview’. This is for them to confirm that you are a genuine student and will form part of the information used to make a decision on your visa application.

The interview will be conducted in English and assure UKVI that you meet English language requirements.

Interviews last approximately 10 minutes and are usually conducted with video conferencing, although they may take place in person or on the phone. You may need to travel to another city to attend your interview.

Failing to attend or changing your appointment time repeatedly could lead to a visa refusal.

Beware of fake calls and emails

You should never provide personal information or bank details to UKVI over the phone or via email. Some illegal organizations have pretended to be from UKVI.

If UKVI contact you or you have a doubt or question, please seek advice from the Student Immigration Service.

Preparing for your interview

  • If you have ever broken the law, you are advised to be honest about this.
  • We advise you to request a copy of your interview transcript for your records.
  • If technical issues prevent you from hearing the interviewer clearly, tell them.

Topics you may be asked to discuss

Your previous immigration history

UKVI might ask you:

  • about any previous UK visas you have had
  • whether you have ever breached any of the conditions of your UK visas
  • about visas you have had for other countries.

Your previous study history, current study and post-study plans

UKVI might ask you:

  • why you have chosen to return, if you previously studied in the UK
  • to explain the reasons for any long gaps between your new course and any previous studying you have done
  • information about your new course and why you chose to study it
  • why you chose to study at the University of Bath
  • how your studies fit into your career plans and what you plan to do after your studies, including where you might like to work.

Your finances

UKVI might ask you:

  • where you have received your money from, for example from your parents or a sponsor
  • about your family’s financial situation at home.

If the costs of pursuing your course of study are higher in the UK than in your home country, why have you decided to incur the extra costs involved with studying in the UK?

Think about the advantages that a degree from the UK might give you and why you and/or your family are prepared to make this investment.

Have you made a realistic assessment of all the costs involved and how you plan to pay for them? These costs include accommodation and costs of living.

How will you fund your studies?

The purpose of this question is to check that your funds are genuinely available to you for your studies. As part of your application you will have submitted proof of your finances - ensure that you are very clear about the source and availability of these funds, and how you plan to pay for subsequent years' fees if your course is more than a year in duration.

If you have official financial sponsorship, make sure you are aware of the amounts and exactly what is covered.

If you have a loan, how will you afford to pay this back? How much will your accommodation cost and are you clear about the cost of living in the UK?

Do you plan to work in the UK?

You cannot rely on funds from working to pay your course fees and living costs. The main purpose for being in the UK is your studies, so if you do hope to work part-time, think about how this would enhance your academic studies.

You also need to demonstrate an understanding of the hours you are allowed to work and typical rates of pay.