Web Policies

Data protection

Obtaining personal data from our website visitors

Any personal data that we may ask you to provide on any of our web pages will be held and processed in accordance with the requirements of the 1998 Data Protection Act. Wherever we ask you to submit personal data, such as an email or postal address or a telephone number, you should find a clear statement of:

  • what data will be held
  • the purpose for which the data will be held
  • whether any of the data will be disclosed to any third party, and if so, to whom.

If you subsequently choose to submit any personal data, you are thereby giving your consent for that data to be held and processed for the stated purpose(s). If you find that such a statement is not available, or if you feel that it is unclear or inadequate, please email dataprotection-queries@lists.bath.ac.uk.

Processing and disclosure of personal data

We need to process information about our staff and students for administrative, academic and health and safety reasons in order to operate efficiently. We will only process personal data in accordance with our registration under the Data Protection Act.

If you are unable to find someone's contact details on our website, you should email web-support@bath.ac.uk and your message will be forwarded to the person, who will then decide whether to respond or not.

Any queries regarding Data Protection should be addressed to the Data Protection Officer, 4 West 3.5 (dataprotection-queries@lists.bath.ac.uk).


When you register with us, you give us permission to process data about you, as outlined in the Data Protection Statement for Student Registration.


When you enter into a contract of employment, you consent to us processing data about you as necessary for the proper administration of the employment relationship. This is outlined in the Human Resources Data Protection Statement.