The University has agreed timescales for the academic promotions rounds for 2022 with the next round taking place in May 2022.

The deadline for completed applications to HR for the May round is Wednesday, 9 February 2022. Please make sure you speak to your Head of Department/Division first to understand the internal deadlines for submitting an application, as there are departmental stages to complete prior to submitting an application to HR.

Applications for all promotion routes set out in the CPER Framework Document can be submitted for consideration at the May Academic Staff Committee (ASC) meeting. Our Deadlines for Academic Promotion webpage provides details on deadlines. Visit our Academic Promotion webpage to find out more about the different routes for academic promotion, the criteria you should apply against, template forms for writing your application and the processes for applying. We also have a Frequently Asked Questions page for promotions.

If you are thinking of applying later in 2022, the University has agreed that an additional round for all promotion routes will take place in September 2022 along with the usual autumn round in November 2022. You can find out more about timescales on our Deadlines for Academic Promotion web page.