From Tuesday 21 September access to Unidesk is changing: we are moving Unidesk to The Cloud in Azure Virtual Desktop. The Cloud is the preferred way that Microsoft supports accessing software remotely, giving you modern solutions and better performance. Please note that this is a pilot and the software available here may change over time.

What this means for you

From 21 September there will a new way to access Unidesk in The Cloud. Find out how to access Unidesk from the new location.. You can access Unidesk from it's new location


Some software is remaining on our UniApps service (hosted on campus) but will be upgraded to the latest version available wherever possible. After the UniApps service refresh on 21 September do not try and use old .rdp files if you have them stored on your device as they will no longer work. On 21 September please go to the Uniapps website and download new RDP files if you require them. UniApps location will remain at RD Web Access (

View the full updated list of software available on Unidesk and Uniapps.