The University has been reaccredited with Fairtrade status for another two years.

To achieve this, ahs had to prove to the Fairtrade Foundation that it had met the following goals:

  • Introduce a formal Fairtrade policy
  • Ensure Fairtrade products, including food and cotton, are for sale in all shops on campus
  • Serve Fairtrade products at all University hosted meetings and events and Students’ Union management meetings
  • Run campaigns on campus to increase the understanding and consumption of Fairtrade products
  • Establish a Fairtrade steering group, to include student and staff representatives

ahs was praised for its forward thinking approach to the Fairtrade policy and the exemplary range of Fairtrade goods on offer.

The foundation was also impressed by the key role that Fairtrade plays in our tender process for catering suppliers.

The Fairtrade Foundation commented: “You are a shining example to other Fairtrade Universities of how to host a variety of events that engage students, staff and the wider community. Thank you for providing such detailed and comprehensive evidence of your events as well, we have thoroughly enjoyed looking through your photos, posters, videos and other materials. Amazing work!”