Andy Long, Student Recruitment Manager, Undergraduate Admission & Outreach, was invited by IDP to take part in some filming while on a recruitment trip to India. It was for a project to promote popular study destinations on their social media channels in a series of films called ‘IDP Insights’. Originally, he had only contacted IDP to arrange a visit to their offices to meet with their counsellors and students. Andy soon realized that this was a great opportunity to work more closely and to build a stronger relationship with IDP - one of the University's newest partner agents who represent Bath internationally.

The IDP team shared thirty questions with Andy two weeks before the trip and asked him to provide his answers in advance. The questions ranged from ‘What are the most popular courses at your university?’ to ‘Why should an Indian student consider studying at Bath’. While many of the questions were typical of those questions often asked at a recruitment fair, Andy took the time to also refer them to his colleagues to make sure he didn't miss anything.

Commenting on this invaluable experience, Andy said, "When I arrived at the filming location, a hotel function room in Gurgaon (a city on the outskirts of New Delhi), I was greeted with a full film set complete with 4 cameras, a range of boom microphones, and lapel mics for myself and the IDP staff. As well as 8 IDP staff, there were 3 camera operators, 2 sound engineers and a hair and make-up team for the session. It’s fair to say that the elaborate set-up didn’t help to reduce my anxiety as I was taking part in this type of activity for the first time!

After introductions with the team and an explanation of what was going to happen, I was taken away to a side room to have my hair and make-up done for filming. According to the make-up person I had done a good job with my hair that day. I took this as a compliment given that this filming was the fourth event of a very busy day!"

Once they were happy with everyone’s hair and make-up it was time to do some test shots on the set to check the camera angles and sound. At this point, the IDP staff and Andy had a casual chat to find out more about each other and their individual roles. As soon as they were happy with everything, the questions and answers were filmed. In total this took just under 2 hours between breaks for water and touch-ups for make-up. The air conditioning could not be turned on in the room as the mics were picking the sound up so the room was extremely hot.

In conclusion, "Andy added, "Once filming was completed I was a bit more chilled especially when they brought in some drinks for everyone. Overall it was a great experience and the perfect opportunity to get to know IDP better. I must admit I was out of my comfort zone. I'd be the last person to volunteer to be in front of a camera, and hopefully, the results will be worth it."