Certain science, health and engineering courses require students who have time limited immigration permission to obtain clearance from the Academic Technology Approval Scheme before starting study. Until 6 July 2018 this had only been for courses of more than six months.

From 6 July 2018, courses and periods of research under six months now require ATAS.

Students must provide the ATAS certificate as part of their Short-term Study Visa application or at the border if they are a non visa national asking for permission to enter the UK on arrival.

This will be required for any student coming on a Short-term Study Visa to study on a course requiring ATAS. This will generally be students coming on some distance learning and part time courses, visiting postgraduate scholars, and students without a current Tier 4 visa returning to the UK to sit a viva exam.

ATAS applications can take a month or longer in peak periods. This will need to be considered when making offers to allow students time to obtain the certificate and apply for their visa before starting study.

It will not be possible to register a student if they arrive without an ATAS certificate (this is unlikely but possible).

The Student Immigration Service are in contact with relevant staff regarding any necessary procedural changes, however please do contact us if you have any queries about these changes.

Further information on ATAS