The winner of the 2021 Godfrey and Sue Hall Postgraduate Research Student Prize is Bas Lodewijks, PhD student in Mathematical Sciences.

Bas’s research ‘Improving random graph models for complex networks’ focuses on better understanding the behaviour of networks in our ever changing and complex world. Networks are all around, for example social (online) networks, transportation networks, electrical networks, computer networks. Their sparse and volatile properties make it hard to understand the structure and properties of such networks as well as how processes on these networks behave. As a result, for example, different countries have tried to tackle the current pandemic based on very different ideas. Bas’s research studies generalisations and extensions to existing models that yield more flexibility in the properties of the models, to allow for a wider range of applications in which the models can be used. As a result, these findings will enable more detailed research to be undertaken and other properties to be proved, eventually leading to a better understanding of realworld networks and how to interact with them, adjust policy and decision-making and optimise the knowledge of their structure.

Professor Jonathan Knight, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) and Chair of the Prize Committee, said “The Committee was struck by the very high number and quality of entries to the prize this year and were delighted to note the diversity of doctoral research that was presented. Our warmest congratulations go to Bas for his outstanding contribution to research at the University.”

After receiving the award, Bas said, "It is an honour to receive this award in recognition of my research, and I am sure it will serve as a boost for me to continue to push the envolope in this field of mathematics. I would of course like to express my gratitude to Godfrey and Sue Hall, the Committee and all those who have supported me during my PhD in the last four years.”

The Godfrey and Sue Hall Postgraduate Research Student Prize is awarded on behalf of Senate by the Godfrey and Sue Hall Postgraduate Research Student Prize Committee to a postgraduate research student based on a high standard of achievement. Sponsors of the award, Godfrey and Sue Hall said, “We are once again very honoured to be given the opportunity to sponsor this very important and prestigious award. We are always so impressed by the quality of the projects submitted and would like to thank all the entrants for their presentations. In particular we would like to congratulate Bas, the winner on his outstanding research.”