Undergraduate research is seldomly in the spotlight, although students form many unique and innovative research ideas during their first years at university. Posters in Parliament is a high-profile national event which seeks to change this by recognising the very best undergraduate research projects. Now in its second year, the event shines a light on the fresh thinking and many new ideas undergraduates bring to the world of research.

Two students from Bath, Samuel Cortinhas and Andrea Ruan, were amongst the group of 50 promising undergraduate researchers from 30 universities selected to present their research to our Parliamentarians and policy makers.

Sam Cortinhas, who studies at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, presented a poster showcasing his research into Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting (MRF) which is a new and promising multi-agent MRI scan technology.

Andrea Ruan, who studies at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, presented a poster on his novel research into the fluid flow in gas-turbine engines; an important focus of research within the field of mechanical and aeronautical engineering.

Both students conducted their research as part of IMI's Undergraduate Research Experience scheme. The scheme is a funded opportunity for undergraduates to conduct research alongside leading academics within their field.

“My research internship with the IMI was a great experience that allowed me to delve deep into the daily life of researchers,” said Andrea.

“I worked with Professors developing mathematical models and simulations, collaborated with PhD students to extract experimental data from our labs and directly contributed to our meetings. It was a rare opportunity where I developed both mathematical and practical skills.

“Sharing my work at the Posters in Parliament event was a great way to highlight to a general audience the importance of understanding the aerodynamics of gas turbine cooling channels towards the future of aviation and the power industry. Moreover, the event was a great networking opportunity where I met passionate students from a wide variety of fields and a diverse set of backgrounds.”

Sam added: “It was an amazing opportunity to showcase my research to parliamentarians and academics from the UK’s top universities. I really enjoyed meeting other early career researchers and learning about the vast array of important work being carried out at an undergraduate level.”

Dr Peter Allen, Deputy Director of the IMI, said: “Undergraduates make significant contributions to the development of many new and existing technologies, and our broader understanding of the natural and social world. Posters in Parliament is a fantastic way of drawing attention to the incredible work undergraduates do and the ways in which their research benefits the wider academic community. “

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