What to do if you or someone else exhibits COVID-19 symptoms

If you have Covid 19 symptoms, you must not attend campus. If you start to experience symptoms on campus, then you must go home, avoiding the use of public transport if possible.

If you are taken ill on campus and you feel too unwell to travel, please contact Security (on 666 from a University landline or on 01225 383999 from mobiles) for assistance. Avoid contact with other people as much as possible and await assistance outside or in a well ventilated area.

Once home, you should contact the NHS to organise a test, and please notify your line manager. Advise any householders to isolate whilst you await your test result.

What to do if someone doesn’t follow COVID-19 guidance

If you are concerned about the behaviour of other people and you feel confident please discuss this with the individual respectfully, since there may be legitimate reasons for their actions. If someone responds negatively to your intervention, then please do not get into an argument – they are seldom productive.

If you feel the issue is serious, such as someone displaying COVID-19 symptoms in public, you could report this to Security, or to your line manager or HR as appropriate.

Stay informed and in touch

Keep up to date with all the guidance and information provided by the University and by the Government during this continuing pandemic. Updates are shared on University web pages and during staff town hall sessions.

Communicate any concerns regarding measures being implemented to manage COVID-19.

Talk to your line manager or other relevant source of support (HR/Employee Assistance Programme) about concerns.


This webpage for latest updates.

Visit the Wellbeing webpages where you will find information on:

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  • Coaching Network
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