In line with the all-staff email of 27 March 2020 from the Directors of HR and Finance, new measures are being put in to control the University’s non-pay expenditure to ‘business critical’ items only.

As has been the case previously, purchase requests of IT equipment need to be passed to IT Procurement, part of the Digital, Data and Technology Group (DDaT) via the TopDesk portal, accessed from the staff home page as shown:

Requesters will be asked to demonstrate the ‘business critical’ need for the equipment being purchased, this is to help the University manage its expenditure in these exceptional times.

Priority for assistance will be given to facilitate those working from home who do not have facilities to do so.

Please avoid buying equipment yourself and claiming back from the University as this may not be reimbursed.

DDaT staff will be able to help with assistive technology queries. Staff will seek to provide business critical requests with items from the standard range, because this will enable subsequent support to be provided throughout the life of the equipment.