Friday 14 December is the last day that CAFÉ at the Virgil Building is operated by ahs.

The café counter will then close and reopen again in mid-January, managed by the SU (Students' Union).

The space by the counter will remain available for use as usual whilst the building is open.

The vending machines will be empty whilst the café is closed.

Students use the cafe for relaxing and studying, so the SU will be enhance this by creating a versatile and relaxed lounge hub.

This will help to improve student experience, particularly for students that live off campus.

The cafe will welcome both staff and students, with a Proud to Serve Starbucks counter selling a range of hot drinks.

Food Direct will not be able to take any new orders, although any existing orders will be delivered.

The SU will handle catering requests from January.

Eve Alcock, SU President, said: "I'm so pleased the SU will be running the Virgil Building Cafe and we're grateful to have worked with ahs to make this happen. We know it's a space heavily used by students and staff, so we look forward to creating a space that works for everyone."

Jane Loveys, Director of ahs, said: “As a department, we are delighted that the SU will have a hub in the city and the opportunities it will present, particularly for students that don’t live on campus.”

We hope you will join the SU in celebrating the new opening in 2019.