Doctoral Recognition Awards

The Doctoral Recognition Awards recognise the contributions and efforts that students and staff have taken to enhance the experience for doctoral researchers and doctoral education at the University of Bath. Some of the contributions that have been recognised include doctoral students taking the lead on community building activities, representing their peers and influencing change within the university and exceptional support for doctoral students.

Those who were highly-commended received the highest form of recognition and will be awarded a small trophy, signed letter of appreciation and will be able to use a digital badge.

Commenting on the awards, Prof Jeremy Bradshaw, Pro-Vice Chancellor (International and Doctoral) said:

These awards recognise the doctoral students and staff members who have gone the extra mile (or several) to enhance our doctoral community. I was delighted to see so many nominations and humbled to hear of the truly impressive things so many of you have been doing. Congratulations to all the highly-commended recipients of the award!

Student Award

  • Tom Avery, Department of Education
  • Sharon Bateman, Department of Psychology
  • Oliver Chrzanowski-Smith, Department for Health
  • Margaret Duff, Department of Mathematical Sciences
  • Merran Dunford, Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology
  • Daniel Fosas De Pando, Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering
  • Juliette Engelhart, School of Management
  • Sharareh Houshmandyar, Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology
  • Philippa Kearney, Department of Chemistry
  • Yvonne Krumbeck, Department of Mathematical Sciences
  • Ben Van Praag, Department of Education
  • Elisabetta Maria Patane, Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering
  • Hannah West, Department of Social and Policy Sciences
  • Thomas Williams, Department of Computer Science

Staff Awards

  • Sarah Bailey, Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology
  • William Bazeley, Faculty of Engineering and Design
  • Ana Bullock, Doctoral College
  • Janet Bultitude, Department of Psychology
  • Daniel Clifford, Doctoral College
  • Daniel Davies, School of Management
  • DBA Administration Team, Doctoral College
  • Javier Gonzalez, Department for Health
  • Nancy Harding, School of Management
  • Justin Hodds, Library
  • Alan Hunter, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Janina Iwaniec, Department of Education
  • Abbie Jordan, Department of Psychology
  • Maria Loades, Department of Psychology
  • Daniel Maskell, Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering
  • Josie Millar, Department of Psychology
  • Alison Nightingale, Library
  • Ezio Preatoni, Department for Health
  • Jacqueline Stockley, Doctoral College
  • Mathew Wills, Department of Biology and Biochemistry

Excellence in Doctoral Supervision Prize

The Excellence in Doctoral Supervision Prize recognises exceptional performance and conduct in the supervision of doctoral students of all kinds. The University expects that an excellent supervisor or supervisory team demonstrate an enthusiasm for supporting their research students through to the completion of their thesis, examination and publication of their work. They should be able to establish good working relationships and encourage their students to disseminate their work, as well as support their professional development. They should be seen to act as a role model for their students and colleagues.

Award winner 2020: Prof Danae Stanton-Fraser, Department of Psychology

Prof Stanton-Fraser was commended for her role as an accomplished researcher and a dedicated supervisor, offering exemplary support to her students throughout their doctorate journey. Her ambitious approach to supervision is founded on interdisciplinarity, high quality research and the dissemination of that research through public engagement activities.

Highly commended

  • Prof Tamás Székely, Department of Biology and Biochemistry
  • Prof Phil Tomlinson, School of Management