Are you in a role where you have a remit to support your colleagues with impact, KE activities and/or support researcher development? Would you like to be more effective in supporting and influencing a positive research culture at Bath?

If so, we have developed a programme to develop and support you in these activities.

You will have the opportunity to network with others who face the same leadership challenges as you, access regular support with each other, professional services staff and change leaders, as well as a range of existing courses.

The programme will have the following outcomes:

  • understanding your influencing / change-maker role
  • developing core skills around influencing, negotiation, leading at all levels
  • working with peers to develop shared understandings and boost confidence

Change Champions monthly calls

Optional monthly sessions will take place on the 4th Wednesday of every month, 12.30-13.30. Facilitated by the programme organisers Dr Helen Featherstone, Dr Amy Birch, Dr Emma Gibbard, Dr Denise Cooke, and Dragana Houston, these sessions will give you a chance to hear from a different ‘expert’ in leading change (themes chosen at Launch session), followed by a discussion of your own challenges and successes.

A final workshop will take place in June 2022 for an opportunity to review and reflect on the programme and discuss next steps.

This programme was officially launched on Wednesday 26 January 2022 with a launch event to set the scene and bring interested parties together. The event was hosted by the organisers who set out the programme.

Existing support

Resilient Leaders Development Programme
The Resilient Leaders Development Programme provides three months' access to the online platform and three coaching sessions with a qualified Resilient Leaders Consultant. Apply by 2 February 2022.

HR Development Toolkit
The HR Development Toolkit includes top tips, key guides, self-assessments and management e-learning modules including coaching, communication, decision-making, difficult conversations, managing teams, presentations, project management, self-development, time management, and wellbeing.

Principles, influence and negotiation
The principles, influence and negotiation is an interactive online three-hour workshop from the Centre for Learning and Teaching at the University of Bath and is open to all staff. The workshop introduces fundamental ideas for effective influence, negotiation and relationships.

Leadership in Action
The Leadership in Action course runs annually from February over three weeks (please note registration for the 2022 course closed 1 December). You can gain confidence in who you are and what you do, learn how to lead even without formal authority, and understand the impact of difference leadership styles on those being led. A taster session for this intensive experiential leadership course is available through the Resilient Leaders Elements framework.